Citizen Messenger Bag

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Original. Iconic. Our medium-sized messenger bag with quick-release seatbelt buckle. Made in Chico, CA. Guaranteed for life.

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    • Dimensions: 13"H x22"W x7"D 26L
    •Made in USA
    • Iconic quick-release seatbelt buckle with integrated bottle opener

Make it yours.

You're not like everyone else, and your bag shouldn't be either. With the Chrome Customs program, you can build a backpack or messenger bag that's unique and totally yours.


Real feedback from Chrome customers to help you choose the perfect gear.

This bag can do anything

Review by G-BAKE

I've had this bag for about 3 years now, and I can't think of anything I haven't used this for.
It's my go to travel bag; I've taken it everywhere from the Sahara to Tokyo. This bag will keep all your gear bone dry no matter where you go. Not only that, but my citizen bag managed to keep all my gear sand-free through a small (but very sandy nonetheless) sandstorm. Another nice- possibly unintended- touch is that I can strap my niko camera sling into the inside of the bag with the modular velcro straps to give the bag a bit of structure for a lens and my Sony A600
Day to day it works for everything from groceries to basic everyday carry stuff.
On top of all that, the design is crisp and classy enough that I can use it for work in DC, and it holds so much more than a leather messenger bag!
Altogether an incredible bag!


By far my favorite!!!

Review by AJ

I've had my bag for 3 years still going strong. I use it everyday from day trips to using it as a DJ bag and love it. Thanks for making a dope everyday bag!



Review by ErikL

These bags are amazing, they are exceedingly sturdy and well built. Also the waterproof liner is brilliant, my 1liter water bottle decided to open up in my bag while I was at a confrence and thanks to the liner the outside of the bag got wet but my tablet, laptop, and everything else inside the liner was perfectly dry.

If you are a motorcycle rider then look no further, the dual straps make this bag stick to you like glue when you're riding.


Insanely durable

Review by Carl

I could tell right when I got the bag how durable it was. The additional pocket on the inside is awesome to have when I go swimming on my lunch break and I need a waterproof place to put my towel and swimsuit away from my electronics and books. This bag has been absolutely amazing so far!


Been everywhere with it

Review by Sam

The bag is nearly perfect, my only complaint is the extra strap supposed to hold it in place, it is way too short and actually annoying. But I have thrown that bag over my right shoulder most of the time. Once loaded, it is the best bag I can think of, protecting my photo gear from rain, sitting comfortably, stable...
The only downside I can think of is a tiny bit of rust on the buckle but I have heard it could be replaced if needed. I had it for 4 years, I took it everywhere, used it at least once a week... It looks as good as new.
Fix the "stabilizing strap" issue for big guys and you have the perfect bag.


Excellent product with superior customer service

Review by Jonnygmg

Bought a citizen messenger in 2008, and it still looks great. Put it through the ringer, including several rains - superior performance. Threwthebsg into my passenger seat of my car, and slammed the shoulder stabilizer clip in the door (my bad). E-mailed Chrome about purchasing a replacement and they sent me 2 - no charge and arrived within 2-3 days of them sending it. Amazing customer service!!!


5/5 Amazing Bag

Review by Ryan

I've had this bag for about 3 years now and it's still looks and feels brand new. No issues with stitching, keeps everything nice and dry, and doesn't hurt your shoulder when you're walking or riding far. Couldn't recommend this bag enough.


Best purchase I ever made!!!!!

Review by Da Crash bag

This bag is awesome!!!!!!!!! Fits more than I need to ever have and more. I have been through more bags than you can imagine. I got the messenger bag because I was tired of hauling around a cumbersome back pack that never seemed to be able to hold together I paid $100 nthe bag didn't last a month. I've put this thing through hell and it smiles back. Best messenger bagever


Amazing workhorse bag

Review by David

This is a no-frills messenger bag and it's perfect that way. It holds a TON of stuff and stays well balanced on your back as you ride (thanks to the cross strap on front). It's super durable and holds up to all the abuse you can dish out. Mine is several years old and barely shows any signs of use. I've taken it on tour across the country, oveseas, on several vacations, and just around town. It's never let me down.


Great buy, couldn't be happier

Review by B-Lemonator

You guys really nailed it. The value for price on a bag like this is amazing. However you're able to produce bags of this quality at the price is some kind of manufacturing magic. The warranty, coupled with the performance of the bag is amazing. I can tote a TON of stuff on my bike in comfort. Last night, the second day into owning this bag I was caught in a torrential downpour. EVERYTHING in my bag was totally fine and as dry as could be.

If you're on the fence about buying this bag ask yourself this question: Is it even POSSIBLE to get this same performance, comfort, style, and warranty for the price anywhere else?


Best Bag I've bought and will continue to associate with Chrome

Review by Creativechef25

I've gone through many backpack through my years and they always seem to good to be true, but then they begin to show there signs of worthlessness only after a few months.
Thankfully, this is not the case when it came to Chrome. When I first moved to Chicago, I've seen everyone having this type of bag and questioned whether it was a sound investment or not and when I finally got the bag I have regretted not buying the bag sooner than I did!!!!!! It's made with quality, love, care, and standards that should have been the case with every other bag brand out there. The saying "you got your bang for your money" doesn't do it justice, "I have gotten more for my money than I could have ever wanted". This has to be the best quality brand of bag that I wish I have bought sooner.

As for everyday use, I can haul around my laptop with cords and cables and a few other nick-nacks with some room to spare when I do errands.

Thank You Chrome for the bag that I will (metaphorically) bring to the grave with me.
I'm a chef by profession and let me say I can carry my pants, shoes, whites and some small kitchen equipment very well.


Everything a tough bag should be

Review by DaveYo72

Yesterday on he way home from filling up a couple bombers at my favorite taproom, one of them was a bit foamy and spilled over into my bag...after a small amount of crying over spilled beer and more than a few paper towels...I can still take it to work because it doesn't reek like stale beer, only rubber. Freaking awesome. More than worth the price right there. Bombproof.


Fits what you need.

Review by Karl L

Bought the bag and immediately threw an entire case of beer in the case, the bag handled the 30 rack well as I took the underarm buckle back over the bag and snapped it into the lower/far buckle for safe closure. Not quite conventional but a good work around. I'm looking to keep this bag empty so I can fill it up around town. Naturally it's great construction and definitely up to Chrome specs.


I will no longer be buying bags from chrome

Review by Nico

Good enough to get the job done... I recently bought one of Chrome's newer Citizen messenger bags and I can't say I'm happy with it. I own many Chrome bags from years ago and have been very pleased with them. I love them! However, this bag is very low quality in comparison to the older generation bags. (Made in the USA or not)



Review by Bk Girl

My boyfriend has this bag and I love it! I just ordered the orange for myself. Classy, vintage style. A must have.


great bag

Review by mole

Pretty solid. no complaints yet after 2 years. there are a few weak points on these bags but you can get it fixed pretty easy.


Great for motorcycle use

Review by Ludwig von Buzzthoven

I bought this bag solely for when I was out riding my Harley. I love it. It's really well made, comfortable to wear, and practical for running errands / picking up small items around town. I didn't want to add any bags to the bike itself; this was a great second option.


Made is the USA & worth every penny!

Review by Ryan R

This bag was one of the best things I have ever bought myself. I got it ten years ago and it has never failed me in anyway. I have the orange and black bag totally my favorite. Has carried anything and everything I could ever hope for. Is totally comfortable while riding a bike or hiking up a mountain. I could not say more good things about this bag and the quality it was made with. I smile whenever I open it and see the Made is the U.S.A flag tag. Make me proud to know things are still made here as well as this.


Awesome Bullet Proof Bag

Review by Victoria BC Commuter

I have had this bag for over 5 years. Amazing craftsmanship. My only issue is sometimes the content of the bag can dig into your back. I have cut a piece of yoga mat and put it inside the liner to act as a buffer. Great bag for longboard commuting as we'll,



Review by Allen

I've used this daily for over 2 years on my motorcycle, let people borrow it, taken it overseas multiple times, and it has performed flawlessly everywhere it has gone. Truly the best bag I've ever owned, and I recommend it to everyone that asks about it.



Review by flux

Awesome. Only minor complaint is that the bottom corner can dig into your back a little, but I'm sure this will go away once I get my straps adjusted just right.


My female clip cracked though!

Review by Caesar

This is a life bag. But my heart cracked after the clip cracked in half!!! I keep gorilla glueing it but it just keeps cracking again and again. Other than that this bag is golden and solid. I just don't know what to do with that because I'm afraid of trying to completely change it for a new one. Chrome, if you're reading this, please help


Great bag, ready for whatever you throw at it

Review by Jeff

This thing holds a TON! Easy on and off thanks to the Chrome seatbelt. Once you get the hang of packing it, it's extremely comfortable. I'll be buying another once this wears out....which unfortunately (and fortunately) won't be for a very long time.


BEST BAG FOR your $$$!!

Review by JLO

owned a chrome messenger since 2009 when living in Portland, then to Seattle, to Eugene. This bag is a GEM and has been with me on many journeys- bike rides, hikes, kayaking etc and still flawlessly going strong. BEST BAG EVER, hands down must durable bag i have ever owned. CHROME you ROCK!


12 years of daily workday use

Review by Ryan

I bought my bag in 2003 when I worked at a local bike shop. It was a daily rider through 4 years of graduate school and the first 5 years of work. It rode with me in the car for a few years when the kids were small, Now it's back on the bike and still works as well as the day I bought it!

I only stopped by the store today to buy an extra clip to replace one that was broken. Of note, this bag is the best airline carry on I have ever had as well!

Buy the bag, you won't be disappointed!


Great Bag!

Review by Iron 883 Rider

I've had my Citizen messenger bag for about 7 or 8 years now. It's held up extremely well and is currently the bag I use when riding my motorcycle. No signs of fading on the fabric, the reflective aspects on the straps give me more confidence when riding at night. It holds All of what I need for a day.


Awesome bag, no complaints

Review by Erick

I've had my bag for almost 3 years no and it has held up awesome. theres no tears and it still looks as good if not better than when i got it! I wrecked my motorcycle with it on last year going 65 mph and it saved my back from a bad case of road rash and the only damage it took was the shoulder pouch that i have got a little frayed. This is the highest quality bag i've ever had and i haven't had any problems with it. I might even get a bigger one now that i live in a city without a car.


Superb Work Horse

Review by Chad

I have been riding with my special batch DayGlo Green messenger bag since 2009. The color has faded a bit. But I have ridden in every weather in Tucson, D.C. and now OKC. I have shopped with it, stuffed it with groceries, six pack of beer, whole watermelon, bags of chips, electronics, camera, clothes, my thermos, iPad, workout gear and had velcro sewn on the back for my patches. It rocks. I would recommend a few added features. I use it solely for my bicycle commutes which have ranged from 8 miles round trip (currently), to 34 mile round trip. It is comfy and bullet-proof. It is not the lightest, but hey, it gets it done like the Millennium Falcon. Definitely a five-star rating.


Just buy it!

Review by Joel

I have used this bag for years, and I know it will last for years to come. It is the best bag I have owned. I use it mainly for school, but I also use it as a carry on for trips. It holds a ridiculous amount of stuff.


Wouldn't recommend it..

Review by maisc

I'm actually surprised about all the very positive reviews, my experience wasn't that positive.
Got the Citizen since about 2 years now and I really think there are a lot of better messenger bags out there.

1) Its hard to explain since I'm not a native speaker, but I'll try. It happened a couple of times that when I wanted to tighten the strap it got caught up in the buckle-system, making it impossible to tighten it. Which meant I had to sit down, sometimes for several minutes, and try to unravel the whole thing. Really nerve-racking when you are in a hurry.

2)The bag has no back padding, meaning it gets very uncomfortable when carrying something concrete like a u-lock.

3) When the bag is heavy loaded and you're going fast it starts to develop its own dynamics, sliding from the left to the right. But this could probably be avoided by really tightening the straps, which takes some time because the extra strap is a bit difficult to adjust.

I'll switch to a (padded) backpack now, which I believe is a lot more comfortable.


A working man's bag

Review by Frank

This bag is tough! Very durable, sturdy, compartments in all the right places, easy to maneuver, keeps all my things dry in downpours, and secures on snuggly. It's also the perfect size for all my needs. I carry this bag everywhere with me on the job (food courier service) and I travel with it and has not let me down. It even survived two gnarly wipeouts unscathed. I carry bicycle tools, spare tubes, a change of clothes, and snacks for the day. It fits all I need to get me through and I couldn't see myself using anything else.


A working man's bag

Review by Frank

This bag is tough! Very durable, sturdy, compartments in all the right places, easy to maneuver, keeps all my things dry in downpours, and secures on snuggly. It's also the perfect size for all my needs. I carry this bag everywhere with me on the job (food courier service) and I travel with it and has not let me down. It even survived two gnarly wipeouts unscathed. I carry bicycle tools, spare tubes, a change of clothes, and snacks for the day. It fits all I need to get me through and I couldn't see myself using anything else.



Review by quentin likes cats

This bag is just Tooooooo good. I got this at a diffrent site but still the same awesome stuff you get at Chrome. I also had the Mini Metro in the past and it was also AMAZING! When I first walked into my 1st period class all these hardcore mainstreamers (and no I'm not a hipster or a mainstreamer, I'm in between) were like Oh My God is that a Seatbelt on your bag, I said yes and they said it's stupid, but who cares better than a purse right. Chrome has also made my job as a Bike Messenger easier, because of the seatbelt I can take by bag on and off quickly and have the ability to hold a stable load.

Over all this bag is just flat-out indestructible. I've been hit by cars more than 7 times with this bag, and it stillstilin perfect condition. If I could I would rate this bag 1000/10.
Chrome is the BEST Hands down.


best purchase ever!!!

Review by conor

i purchased this bag about a year ago, and i have fallen in love with it it has proven to be the most durable, versatile, and reliable bag i have ever bought. i use this bag primarily for school, but when i need to get something done this is my first option. right after i got the bag my car actually broke down and i had to get to work. i managed to fit a pair of 2X2 skates, water bottle, apron, hat, undershirt, and miscellaneous objects (phone, keys, wallet, ect.) and throw it on my back and ride my trusty fixed gear about four miles to work. the bag itself made the ride incredibly enjoyable. with the support strap tightened down, the bag sits perfectly on your back and does not move until you make it. the one and only complaint i have is that now in college, i carry a laptop everywhere and i wish i went with the Buran. i have a laptop sleeve for some protection, but i would feel more comfortable with the integrated padded pocket. and the additional organization pockets seem nice as well. but regardless, this bag is amazing and in my opinion the best purchase i have made. i absolutely love this bag, and planing on adding the Buran to my collection.

PS. this bag is also awesome for longboarding. that is my main form of campus transportation, and its just as nice as it is one a bike.


Euro travel built

Review by Michael

I fell in a cannel in Amsterdam and this bag kept everything inside completely dry including a cell phone, books, and a jacket.


Great durable bag.

Review by Elvis

I got one when I was riding to work every day. Still ride a lot, this thing has seen hard use. Almost ten years later I finally broke something -- someone stepped one of the flap clips. I replaced the broken plastic clip and it is still going strong.
I've used it to bike commute on trips as a backpack, and once tied two wheels to it and rode home with them on my back. Recommend this to anyone!


Amazing chrome bag

Review by Nick

I travail by bus everyday Monday throw Friday to work . easy on of seatbelt and relative


best bag ever

Review by Josh

This is the best bag ever made


Well Built

Review by Matthew Giesbrecht

I wear this bag everyday. I do not have a locker at school so I carry all of my stuff with me. This bag carries 85lb worth of textbooks and binders all day. It is also waterproof and very comfortable. It is extremely well built.

I would recommend this bag to anyone.



Review by Christopher

I bike to campus everyday in the rain and all. I also have a few classes that are outside or shine all of my books and netbook stay dry. The only thing I would like to see is maybe an optional aditinal strap that you can put on for more stability like the larger messanger bags but its still the best bag ive ever used.


The Best Bag I have ever owned!

Review by Maria

I have used this bag for everything from a cooler at the beach to my over night bag on my motorcycle. I love it!!!


Great Summer Bag

Review by Rhea

Great size for a summer bag. Super tough and mostly waterproof. Had mine for 4 years-still going strong!



Review by Aaron

Got this bag as a birthday present and it's amazing. Getting used daily it shows no sign of giving up. Great quality and craftsmanship.



Review by Kevin

I bought this bag about a year ago and use it daily. Unlike most bags I've had before its almost in exactly the same shape as when I bought it. The thing is solid! I've used it to carry just a book to over-stuffing it as my carry-on for flights. AND I get compliments on it all the time! :)


the awesomeness that ensues...

Review by miranda

I just moved to Chicago a few days ago and have been biking it! I carry my custom painted Citizen (thanks @B_Wolf) with me wherever I go! To the market, on the Lake Shore trail biking/skating, jonting around town, etc. This bag holds it all! I am a medium sized gal (5'8" 155 lbs) and it fits across my back and chest perfectly.

Chrome, you still continue to rock my world.



Review by Michael Leong

This bag is sick! Was thinking about getting the Krooked edition, but may wait. Just met John Cardiel last night and he said a colabo is in the works, so I am psyched on how that will be . . . either way - pick up one of these bad boys!


Love this thing!

Review by Demian

Got mine in blue and gold -- Go Bears! Holds it all and stands up to the abuse. And waterproof!


Sturdy, strong, waterproof

Review by Leah

This bag is bulletproof. seriously. I've kicked the living crap out o fit and it's not showing any signs of wear or destruction. The thick vinyl lining keeps everything inside dry (even in pouring rain). There's a small loop for a blinker on the bag, and the buckle looks sharrrrrppp. The stabilization strap (to go cross-chest) is sturdy and works well to keep the bag from sliding all over the place on your bike. Great organizational pockets. Really awesome bag, all around.


built to last

Review by Christopher San Agustin

I had my Chrome bag for two years before I gave it to my friend whose had it for two years. These bags are great and I am sure that first bag I bought will be passed on to many more people.


great bag

Review by Alison Angione

I really love this bag!! It is just the right size for my computer and my lunch, with some room far rain gear if needed. It keeps everything dry and protected thanks to the rugged waterproof liner. I especially like the seatbelt buckle. Very cool. I definitely recommend this bag to anyone who needs to carry a few things around while cycling.


big n brawny

Review by Hilary Kelly-Rund

I got this bag three years ago and it still looks like the day I got it. Very sturdy, stable, don't have much problem with it sliding around on me when I'm biking. I'm a lady, so the big buckled strap is kind of annoying across my chest, but that's how it is with any messenger bag. The only thing I really dislike about the bag is that deep pocket inside- sometimes things get trapped underneath it, and I think I've lost them. Even big items, like laptop charging cords.
Over all, I would recommend this bag to a friend, but personally I wish I had gone with the mini for my small frame.


big n brawny

Review by Hilary Kelly-Rund

I got this bag three years ago and it still looks like the day I got it. Very sturdy, stable, don't have much problem with it sliding around on me when I'm biking. I'm a lady, so the big buckled strap is kind of annoying across my chest, but that's how it is with any messenger bag. The only thing I really dislike about the bag is that deep pocket inside- sometimes things get trapped underneath it, and I think I've lost them. Even big items, like laptop charging cords.
Over all, I would recommend this bag to a friend, but personally I wish I had gone with the mini for my small frame.


GREAT, durable bag meant to last and haul

Review by Greg Lawrence

What will my Chrome Citizen not do? Make me lunch I guess. I love this bag. I've had mine for about 2 years and I use it daily, either on the bike or to work.

I've hauled some strange stuff like bike wheels, beer and other things in it without trouble. It fits me well and makes a great bag for airport traveling too.

The only thing I think I'd change (in a perfect world) is make a size between the Citizen and the Metro. I wish my Citizen was just a little bigger sometimes but I think the Metro is more bag than I need. small complaint though.

Love all the Chrome stuff!!



Review by Billie Lambert

I've had my brown/black Chrome Citizen for a year now and I love it! It's comfy for the bike, expands to hold more than you'd think, and the waterproof lining has saved my ass more than a couple times :)






awesome bag i love it !!!

Review by Josh Pumphrey

i got this bag a few months ago and it is perfect i use it every day it is sturdy and super comfortable soo much better than lugging around my old back pack


Simply the best

Review by John

For a while I rocked a Timbuk2 bag and was pretty happy with it. However, the citizen blows it away. From the ballistic fabric to the buckle strap to the many compartments, chrome has a superior product. Buy it for life!


Awesome bag!

Review by Mary

This was my very first chrome and I've had it for years. I use it for work and when travel. It is such an amazing bag for everyday use. Very durable!


The best!

Review by Shiloe

Seriously, these are the most durable, awesome, stylish bags ever. And they carry things well- I don't notice the 6lb laptop on my back! I love love love the materials just dig the bag 100%!


Clients love my Citizen

Review by Daniel Horton

I'm a freelance graphic designer. I get complements every day when I walk in with my black / white Citizen. It's been the perfect back for a 15" MBP, notebooks and everything else for a mobile office.

Love it!


awesome bag

Review by mike

i've had a chrome citizen for three years now. it has been used through michigan winters and has seen several spills and accidents, and yet it continues to hold up beautifully. great bag and still looks dope after all it's seen.


best bag ever

Review by Josh

you know the story!



Review by Thomas Williams

So far I have had two Chrome Citizens, and together they have lasted me the greater part of 6 years without a single rip or tear. I can't tell you how helpful these bags are, especially the rubber liner part that makes the bag rainproof (many rides to and from class would have been disastrous without it.) I plan on rocking Chrome bags for as long as I can (and with my bags being in the condition that they are in even after crazy wear and tear, that is gonna be a long- ass time)


I use this bag every day and love it!

Review by Maxwell Materne

I've owned this bag for 3 years and have never had a single issue. I have ridden a motorcycle to work and school every day since I got it, rain or shine, and not one thing has gotten wet inside or pushed around on my back thanks to the stabilizing strap. I suggest this bag to everyone I meet and get compliments on it constantly. Get it, it's awesome!


the best i ever had

Review by aaron magdaleno

This is the best bag I ever had I use it for school, work, ecerything it never leaves my side. It fits everything but its never too big. Its perfect, and the build quality is unparalleled.


Best bag ever!

Review by Mary

Been a fan for years and this was my very first Chrome bag! Great for everyday use as I use it for work and travel. Very comfortable bag and fits a ton. Go get one now!



Review by Chris F

Got this bag, well built. Sturdy, and holds what I need it to.

Can't think of any cons, as I have not used many other bags.


Love my Citizen

Review by Daniel Horton

I'm a freelance graphic designer. I get compliments from clients every day on my Black / White Citizen. It holds my 15" MBP, notebook and everything I need for a mobile office.

Love it!


Best Bags Ever

Review by frank steil

This is my 3rd chrome bag, Ive only had to switch because of different size needs, these bags last forever! I love your products!



Review by Darryl

It carries everything that I need it to and looks very fashionable!! It really works well when im on long rides and the cell phone holster I got with it is VERY convenient. The stabilizer strap and buckle make it very functional for support on your back and also for taking it off really fast!


Best bag I've ever had... had it 4 years and it's still going strong- looks practically brand new!!

Review by Bob

I love Chrome bags- have 2 of them and they are the most strong, indestructible bag I've found and so easy to take care of... keep up the good work, I'm eyeing a 3rd... hey, I like to switch it up a bit!



Review by Noah

It's held up to everything Wisconsin weather could throw at it and its still going strong. Crazy strong materials and great construction. Generous shoulder padding and you can't go wrong with the buckle strap. Couldn't ask for more!


Get this bag!

Review by oliver

This bag is awesome! I use this bag for weekend trips. It's just big enough. For longer trips is suggest a Metropolis.


Darn Good Bag

Review by Laura

Bought my first Chrome bag a little over a year ago and it's no doubt still in amazing condition, despite it's constant wear and tear. Any bag you can carry a 30-pack of beer in, in the pouring rain and arrive with cold, dry beers is a worthy bag.


Limited Edition rocks

Review by Jungin Park

Although, this is pure Citizen, I have purchased Limited edition!!
I am a huge fan of red and black, but I had to have all black limited edition which gives me many ways to decorate it(Any color looks good with black).
Overall, the bag is strong-built and comfortable to use. I am using this bag everywhere from school all the way to grocery shopping. Quite surprised how much this bag can handle, however, if you are looking for GROCERY bag, get metropolitan... but this is just the right size for me. for now.
Thanks Chrome.!



Review by Liam Dennis

This is the best bag I have EVER had. Most comfortable and holds so much! A+ all the way!!!


Easily the best messenger bag money can buy.

Review by Derek Woods

I've been using these bags for 6 years now. For me they have alway been the perfect size for all of my various different sized Mac Laptops, along with all the necessary books, when I was in college and then grad school, and then later equipment and gear for all the film and video work I have done since.

Everything from dropping in a camera divider into the bag for a quick access, and discrete, camera bag, to having a on-the-go suit case. This bag does what you need it to do.

Knowing that with my important gear/books/computers that are in my bag, a raining day isn't going to get through. Having what is inside protected by a SUPER tough bag that holds up forever (I still have my first bag for 6 years ago, along with several additions to the family) is invaluable to me.

If you are looking for a tough, sturdy bag that isn't cluttered by excessive pockets, of which you'll spend half your time trying to figure out what the hell you could put in there, then no questions asked, this your bag.


This bag rocks

Review by Andy Brown

Its been everywhere with me the last 8 years of work. 100,000+ air miles and countless road trips! still looks like new.


Hells bells Trudy, this bag is amazing

Review by mike

SF, Seattle, DC. Bike, motorcycle, little red wagon. Rain, snow, red states. This bag has traveled near and far, been absolutely abused time and time again and besides a bit of dirt, shows no signs of wear and tear. rides comfortably, holds anything short of drywall and I still play with the buckle more often than any reasonable human being should.


Great bag

Review by Thomas Gadd

Only downside as far as I am concerned is the strap - it's great how easy to adjust it is, but the unclipping is as much a bother as anything else. I've scratched both my car and my bike paint with mine when I unclipped accidentally, so I just epoxied it all together in the end.

Other than that, rad bag!


Overall Awesome bag!!

Review by Lorina Louie

This bag has done wonders for me. It's my throw around bag that fits everything I need where ever I go! I use this more than I use my purse! I get so many compliments on the bag and ask where I got it from. This bag is also very durable and can handle a lot of wear and tear! I've been trying to break my bag in for teh past year and it's still getting there!


3 summers Strong!!

Review by Joe

I've been sporting my Citzens Green/Black combo for 3 years now. It's been all over the world with me from Europe to Australia. All of those trips I carried my life with me in that bag!!!


more space than i need!

Review by Todd

I've been riding with my white and blue bag for a year now and it has never failed me. I fit my U-lock, tools, chain lock, and drinks inside of it and i still have more space. I also use it for school. still no rips or tears!


Excelelnt versatile bag

Review by Josh

I have been using my chrome bag for over 3 years and its held up very well. Its comfortable, huge and it looks cool. simple as that well made and designed. I cant recommend one enough.


I've put this bag through hell and it's still a thing of beauty.

Review by Nate

I've had my citizen for over 3 years now. Blizzards, rain storms, spilled drinks and everything from school work to groceries. There's rarely a day that goes by that I won't use this bag. I'd get another one of these in a heartbeat if I didn't already know the one I have now would survive the apocalypse. Thanks Chrome!



Review by Ruben

this bag is great, super durable and love the pockets on the inside. Able to fit in school stuff or groceries from the farmers market.


The bag that burnt 1000 ships

Review by RIck

This changed my life. A long-tim Tim user, I wanted to see what all the hype was about only to find it wasnt hype. Sooo much more comfortable than the Tim bags (I've had 4 or 5 tims in my time--this blows them all away). Part of me wishes there were more pockets, or pockets that were easier to access, but what it already has is pretty sweet. Super durable. big enough to fit my 15 inch computer plus books and a dslr all together. I'm never seen without it.

The strap is so damn comfy. I cant get over it. Seriously, this thing rocks.


Best bag I've ever experienced

Review by Nat Washington

Some girls like to have a closet full of shoes. I'm the type that has an entire closet dedicated to bags. The one bag you'll never find there is my Chrome Citizen Bag. This thing comes with me EVERYWHERE! Talk about rugged - It gets slung around everyday and experiences some of the worst Northwest weather you could imagine. It is heavy duty but incredibly comfortable. Having the left shoulder strap means it stays in place -- no more fumbling around to make sure it stops shifting. It has a huge front pocket, but nice small pockets for the extras. Everywhere I go, people want to know where I got this bag. If you're serious about having a messenger bag that serves its purpose, this is the bag for you.


Put this bag through hell, it'll take it

Review by Jon

I live in Minnesota and ride year round. Needless to say, this bag holds up to the weather. I have ridden in pouring rain, sleet and driving snow with my computer and books in the bag without any of it getting the least bit wet.
Need to carry a case of beer and two bottles of wine on top of your lock and hoodie in fall? Yeah it can do that too.
After three years, apart from a few small marks and a scraped up buckle the bag looks practically new on the outside. So worth the money.


5+ years and going strong

Review by Adam

Bought this bag from a local bike store about 5 years ago now. The buckle might have changed into a bottle opener now and i'm kind of jealous, but this bag wont stop. Worth every last cent i spent on it.


withstanding the test of time.

Review by kevin deng

the specs, the reviews, and function have been reviewed, praised, and commented on before. but truly, this is just another testament of this bag's worth after all these years.

i have owned my bag for over 6 years now, and it has yet to rip, fall apart, or fail me in any way shape or form. i take this bag with me everywhere, riding, traveling, other countries, and to work everyday. it's carried all my necessities a day's worth of clothing in case i don't want to come home, and more!

people always comment on this bag when i run around the country. it is something that is usually noticed. in fact, that's probably the only thing you ever have to worry about with this bag, it getting stolen. (cities familiar with messengers know that there are usually valuables and more often then not laptops in these bags. always remember to hide them or just take them with you)

i would probably be buying another one of these bags, that is if i ever thought this one would wear out on me. but it won't. in fact. the only thing that i probably have to fix on my bag is wash the damn thing from all the sweat / crap i've set it on. (its actually surprisingly clean though)



Incredible bag for riding, traveling, or anything else you can think of...

Review by David Mason

I've used this bag all around the world for riding, traveling, carrying paint cans, groceries, etc. It's incredible. Super comfortable, lightweight and durable as hell. Love it. Recommend it. So, buy it.


Best Cycling/All rounder bag of all time

Review by SImon Lee

This bag is the most amazing bag i have ever used. Even though its the middle size, the citizen its MASSIVE. I can get all my uni books laptop and a change of clothes into their with left over space. Its the most comfy bag i own, and cycling with the bag it straps on nice and tight. Still an amazing bag for anything else you wanna do with it. The only con i have is that theres not enough pockets, but that isnt a big issue anyway.

All in all ..... AWESOME!


Solid offering from chrome!

Review by Andrew

I've bought a number of messenger bags from other companies i won't mention but this bag seems to hold up a bit better overall. Velcro is stronger, generally feels tougher, have had no issues with water like i have in some other waterproof bags. Outside pen pockets are nice to have, as is zipper pocket. It would be nice to have a larger zipper pocket of equal quality on the inside, or even a non zipper that was thin for paperwork. At the same time, for a smaller bag it's great for hauling a few things to and from work. Probably not going to be going oversize with this guy, but a smaller bag makes for a more comfortable bag too. Other weird thing is placement of the cross strap. it's kinda comfortable but seems like it's on backwards? Maybe its a new thing they're trying out, i dont know! I like the anodized black hardware it's super nice, and thats its made in the U.S.A.! Other thing i would like to see out even if it was only sold as an accessory, a cell phone holster with a clip instead of velcro. My phones have hit the ground so many times from worn out velcro (which happens pretty quickly). Make it happen guys! Thanks for making sweet bags! (i own a backpack as well : ] )


New Citizen

Review by John Grooms

I just bought this bag a couple weeks ago and it surpasses my old messenger bag by leaps and bounds. The Strap is super comfy and its big enough to slip in an extra large sketch pad. All in all I couldn't be happier with my purchase!


Tough bag and water proof

Review by Todd

I will not go anywhere without this bag! I take it on long rides and to the office. It has saved me more than once. I was taking some important documents home last week and got caught in big storm. Luckily all my work was saved because my papers were save in my Chrome waterproof Citizen bag! Quality at its best!


pretty awesome

Review by Matthew Durant

simply an indestructable awesome bag


Great bag

Review by Kevin Hays

Wow, this is a great bag. Waterproof, durable, and with that Velcro liner, it makes sneaking drinks into the ballpark ez.


Great Everyday Bag

Review by Julian L.

I use this bag for pretty much everything. The citizen size is just right for most tasks. The build quality is very high and the bag is very durable. I don't think I'll have to be retiring this bag for a long time, if ever.



Review by Josh_Klosh

I slept on this bag.Ate on it and from it,smuggled drinks and grass,
carried tools,gun shells,groceries and clothes.
Been through sun,snow,rain,even jumped once in the ocan with it,
and it still holds :)
Think i will buy that giant backpack from Chrome,too!
Thank you Chrome 4 making such a great stuff.


World Traveller

Review by Vinit Patel

Bought my bag in the SF store 3 years ago and it's still going strong after life riding the streets of London, Paris, NYC, San Francisco and Wellington New Zealand. Simply awesome and pretty unde-effin-structable!


The last bag you'll ever need!

Review by Jonathan Rees

The only bad thing about this bag isn't bad for you, it's bad for Chrome. This bag is so tough you'll never have to buy another. Kinda cuts down on repeat business, eh Chrome?


Highest quality

Review by Fred

The most durable bag out there. Good for doing just about whatever needs to be done. . . while riding, walking, whatever.


great! mostly

Review by nicholas

i decided to go with the citizen and it has been great! perfect for the everyday college student. just enough space. the only complaint i have is the lack of cushioning for your back. minus that, fully satisfied.


The best

Review by Tom

I've had a Citizen for several years. Have added a large Metro from the Chrome store in SF (had to visit when we were there, like Mecca) and a Vega.

I use all three. The Metro for my heavy hauling and bike and Vespa commuting, the others now for weekend use. I commute on two wheels year-round in Seattle, and these things are fantastic through all kinds of crappy weather and slinging around. If you pack them right, you often just forget they're there!

They seem heavy at first, but when you realize how ergonomic they are, better to have the comfort with any load than a lightweight bag that you have to constantly fidget with.



Review by Trevvor

I received this bag for Christmas going on three years ago, and I've used it on a plethora of occasions since. The look-and-feel of the bag is solid, durable, and uber-utilitarian. I've used it for weekend packing, hauling books (and books and more books) around campus all day for classes, making a jaunt to the grocery store, and lugging around basically anything I need on a day-to-day basis.
Pros: spacious main compartment, ultra-waterproof, durable, comfortable, versatile, handy slide/zip pockets
Cons: slight lack of organizational space for numerous small items: MP3 player/headphones, cell phone w/ charger, camera & batteries, USB drives, etc.--but one can pick up a handy Utility Pouch to put those items in...
Best Chrome story: I was working one night, across campus from my apartment and it began raining towards the end of my shift. By the time I got outside, the rain was coming down in torrents, and I had no rain jacket or umbrella--just my Chrome bag. I unloaded all my pockets into the bag (here's where I needed a Utility Pouch on hand), and as everyone else stood under cover waiting for rides, I struck out into the storm. Fifteen minutes of walking in the rain and puddles later, I sloshed into my apartment, soaked to the bone. I dumped the bag on the floor, pulled back the flap, and was pleased to see everything in there snug and dry.

Get one of these bags--you won't regret it anytime soon (if at all...).


excellent for riders

Review by Elvis the lonerider

Okay, first, I was skeptical of this bag because it seemed kind of small. Bigger than some others I've tried, but not huge. However, it works. I used this, as well as the Chrome Ransacker, for several years, including a winter of nonstop east coast bike commuting (when it snowed I hung up the bike with road tires and took a mountainbike since i had to be at work before the plows). The result? I am impressed. It held up fine, no wearing out, no pulled stitches, no rusty or flaky metal hardware, nothing falling apart. The pocket arrangement was also useful; I used the two side "water bottle pockets" a lot, one for a thermos of coffee, one for my light once I locked up my bike and took it off. Excellent! Waterproofing is as you'd expect. Outside got wet enough, but nothing inside ever got ruined. Ever. And we had one week of rain that was heavy enough to flood the parking lot. As in, you needed a canoe flooded. - Elvis

The only lousy part was, I had to travel to NYC to get mine, since there didn't appear to be any shops in NJ, but no one's perfect!


Chrome Citizen Bag Review

Review by Citizen Loner

Is there any better than beer run,filling your bag with bottles and riding to some
city view overlooking point,opening the bottles and sitting on your super dura bag?
Lets face it:this stuff is unreal!Its not just a bag.Lets see:
I ve used this bag as a beach bag,grocery bag,clothes b,travell b,books hauling
bag,laptop bag,u name it and this bag can deliver it,thats 4 sure !
Been carrying both heavy and light stuff in it,and it feels great,no matter if u r riding
or walking.I am even more walker than rider,so all that comments like ''oh its
so heavy to walk with this thing on ya back'' just dont stand!Its even more
comfortable when its fully loaded,so dont fear of adding some extra weight in it.
I ripped 3 or 4 bags before this one,so i was little O_o,but thats history now.
I am confident and sure that this bag is gonna rock for long time.Reliable partner
of every rider,biker,walker,wanderer,traveller,etc...If you consider yourself
urban traveller/commuter,u have to get one from Chrome :)
Its size just fits everything u ll need for daily basis,even some extra.
I managed to put 6 t shirts,2 pairs of jeans,3 hooded long sleeve shirts,towel,
and some underwear in it,and it looked just fuck... awesome :) No probs.
So i guess u can bring it on some 3-4 days trip as well.
If you r doubting between this and Mini Metro,take Citizen :) If you r messenger
take Metropolis or some even bigger one.
Citizen is just what u need for all day/all night urban survival adventure+more:)
Def. worth 140 $$$.And with lifetime warranty,is there any better offer on market
Go for Chrome,you wont be dissapointed.



Review by p-f

- Sits at a very comfortable place on your back when properly loaded.

- Water*proof*.

- Looks great.


- No compartments inside other than the front ones that can only fit about 5 pens, a wallet and a cell phone.

- No top handle to carry the bag by your side.

And the one con that ruined the bag for me:

- Inexistent air circulation. Can anyone say sweat? I can't, because I'm too busy washing my soaked biking clothes. Just a casual stroll around town leaves me with a strap-shaped sweat bar across my chest and all over my back. Anything longer gets from uncomfortable to "oh sod it I'll just carry it like a purse even if it means being wobbly while riding" really fast. This is in relatively cool weather, too.

For $140, I was expecting something much more well designed for longer (read: > 5 minutes) rides, especially since this is from a company with a reputation amongst cyclists.


Perfect Bag

Review by Dave

I was looking for something that I could truly use for everything I do, from grocery shopping, laundry, class, concerts, baseball games, you name it. A friend of mine recommended this bag, and I figured I'd take a leap of faith and see if it was really worth the money.

Sure enough, this bag is perfect. It's indestructible, waterproof, comfortable, and most importantly, completely stable when I'm riding.

If I was forced to make a complain, I'd request some padding for your back, more like their backpacks. Still, I forget I'm wearing it most of the time, so it's really not that bad.

Get the bag, it's worth it.


swell to the touch'

Review by franklin

the messenger bag "citizen" i ordered from chrome lives up to all the hype you've heard. it gave me a boner and made all my friends jealous. i highly recommend it.


Completely Indestructable

Review by Steven

From the moment I opened the box, and held the Chrome Citizen, I could tell that it was completely heavy duty. It's well-built, and perfectly made. I put it on with nothing in it, then loaded a sweatshirt, 2 bike locks, a skate tool, and several things. I couldn't tell a difference in the weight. It wears so comfortably, I just love it.

Don't hesitate with purchasing this bag. I know the price seems a little high. But, I would gladly replace this bag if it were ever stolen. Seriously, just buy it.


Totally freaking awesome bag

Review by TJ Bleep

After using this bag for a month, I want to say that that bag is miles ahead of all the crummies and timmies I've used all these years. This bag totally exceeded me expectations. I love my chrome citizen! Kudos to you, Chrome!



Review by Samson Hydar

Legit bag... I have had it for like a month and I never ride without it....


Simply the best damn messenger bag. Ever.

Review by Joel

Short of understandable budget issues, there's simply no reason not to opt for a Chrome bag if you're looking out for a messenger. These things are beasts, and in a good way.

Unless you'd much rather get a Crumpler, which probably 9.5 out of 10 people own.


Awesome bag and superfast international shipping

Review by Judith

Bag just arrived here in Munich, Germany – within 4 days after ordering! It's already my second Chrome bag (first one got lost..) so I can say that it's a great bag, maybe just a little bit heavy but to be carried quite comfortably.


This Bag Rocks!!!

Review by Roy Gastelum

I've had this bag for about 2 months and I am completely satisfied with it. I take it to work which is great, but the most work i get out of it is when I take it on youth trips with the church i volunteer for. If this bag can handle jr. high guys i think it can handle anything.


hella cool!!!

Review by Hope



Tenth Anniversary!

Review by Whilom Chime

In May, 2000 I purchased a medium chrome bag in Seattle, from a custom frame shop that was also building a bike frame for me. They gave me the bag at a discount because they were still considering carrying them, and asked that in return I come back in a month and tell them what I thought about the bag. I came back a month later and told them I completely loved my chrome bag. I moved from Seattle a year later, but when visiting this past Fall a friend said "Is that the same courier bag you had when you lived here ten years ago?" It sure is! Ten years and counting, average use five days a week, more than 2600 days of use, and still as waterproof as the day I bought it! Slight wear to the seat-belt webbing, and a couple scratches on the flap's tarp-sash. Over the years twice I've broken a male plastic buckle (usually by stepping on them) but that is about the only design "weakness" I have found, and easily remedied by including a couple replacement buckles with each bag.


Totally solid for day-to-day use.

Review by mason

I've just stopped using my Citizen bag. It's nothing personal--the bag is totally solid. I just needed something bigger for work.

-Bulletproof design. The materials are standard on most good messenger bags I've found, but it's standard because it's tough as nails and totally weatherproof.
-Size. The size is great for day-to-day use (but see below).
-Organizer pockets. This is really handy for wallets, pens, et cetera, and I love the placement (outside, under the flap).
-Comfort. The strap is real comfortable.

-Shape. The bag is shaped kind of like an envelope than a box, which makes it hard to actually fill up its entire size, especially if you have one large item instead of a bunch of small ones.
-Size. It's too small for courier work, but it's also a bit small for my typical load of groceries (which is usually a frozen pizza, some bread, and possibly a few other items such as peanut butter, jelly, and beverages of some variety). I'm within easy walking distance of the store, but if I had to bike there I don't think I'd be able to use this bag.
-Buckle. When fully loaded, the buckle tends to press into the chest, which makes it uncomfortable.
-Lack of padded back. Pointy objects and large loads tend to poke you in the back and kidneys. It's not a major complaint, but I don't think I could go back to a bag without a padded back now that I have one.
-Other pockets. I didn't get much use out of the bag's other pockets, and ended up just using the main compartment. With the new bag, my main compartment is empty and everything has a pocket.

Overall, the cons are pretty minor and mostly came up while I was using it for deliveries. If you're just hauling your essentials (books, laptops, tools, etc) around and aren't worried about carrying anything else, this bag is pretty great. If you're worried about capacity, get something bigger.

So, 4/5 stars. I'd happily recommend Chrome to anyone. It loses one star because there's better options out there if you ride hard and use your bag a lot to carry all sorts of things (such as Dank, Seagull, and, of course, Chrome's Pro series). But for your average day-to-day use, you'll have a hard time finding better bang for your buck.






bomb proof versatile bag

Review by Eric Z.

Have a orange citizen and use it for commuting. Usually keep my work clothes and lunch in it. I use this bag for social engagements as well. typically have a shirt, lunch bag, rain jacket, book, sharpie and a cable lock. Recently used it as my carry on on a flight to Denver from KC. My only small issue is the interior does not match the size of it's exterior. This bag has been through rain, sun, cold, gravel, asphalt, airplanes, city buses and it still looks almost brand new. It's nice to buy something made in the USA


Made for Real Life.

Review by Robert

I work at LBS in central Pennsylvania. I was looking through our mass catalog at work because I needed a new bag for school. My old backpack that I had since middle school finally took a crap on me. One of my co-workers suggested that I check out Chrome. He had bought a bag over 5 years ago and he said it was one of the very best purchases he ever made. So I took him on his word, and got myself a citizen. I would say that buying this bag has been one of my smartest purchases so far in my short time on this earth.

1) The bag is comfy. This bag is ridiculously nice to wear over your shoulder. It doesn't matter if you have a single magazine inside or 4 textbooks, a bottle of water, and a change of clothes stuffed inside. The bag is just right.

2) It's straight up stylish. I was never one for messenger bags, but my mind was changed after I started wearing this around campus. Girl constantly come up to me and tell me how cool my messenger bag is. No lie! Everyone loves the classic chrome buckle too. I can't remember how many times people have said "is that a seat belt on your bag?" Everyone loves a good messenger bag, and this one is the best. If anyone ever calls you gay or get on you for wearing one, just tell 'em this: "Indiana Jones wore a messenger bag, and he's a straight up boss."

3. It can take a beating. Like I said earlier, my friend has had his citizen bag for over 5 years now. His looks like it's 5 years old, but for good reason. He rides with it everywhere, and it gets used non-stop. That said, even though his may not look like it's right out of the shipping box, it's still just as durable as it was on day one. My bag has also taken a decent beating already and it's come out unscathed. I had a decent wipe out the other week on my bike, and I tumbled for a good 5 or 6 yards. I was scratched up a good bit, but my bag came out with nothing more that a few grass stains. Absolutely remarkable.

4. The Life-time guarantee. When is the last time you've heard of a company selling their product with a lifetime guarantee, much less an American company? It goes to show you just how much Chrome believes in customer satisfaction and how much work they put into their product's quality.


It would be cool if the bag came with some sort of velcro "cover" for the velcro on the main pocket. I like the fact that the velcro is there for when I want to use it, but if I want to get into my bag in the middle of class, it would be cool to be able to open it up without having to make a ridiculous amount of noise to do so. I'll eventually make my way to a craft store to get some velcro myself in order to cover all that up.

All in all, I'd make this purchase a million times over if I had the chance to. I love my bag, and I love the company that makes it. They are all friendly and courteous, and they answer your questions right away without any fuss or hub-bub. In layman's terms, they're just real people, who love doing what they do, and it really shows. I plan on ordering some accessories for my bag and some apparel in the near future as well.

Other random facts and tidbits you may like to know:
+Chrome shipped out my bag the very next day after I ordered it, and it took a total of (4) business days for it to arrive at my door.

+You will learn to have quick hands when you get this bag -- My friends are always trying to push the button on the buckle to unlatch my bag, and I've developed quite a quick reflex because of it.

+This bag really will hold a case of beer like they show in the pictures (in fact it can hold 2 or 3), and because it's got that big waterproof liner you can put some ice in there with your drinks and use your bag a s a giant cooler for day trips or hikes, picnics, and whatnot.


5 years on...

Review by christian

Purchase my citizen 5 yrs ago at the legendary Alt bike and board shop in mpls. I have used it every day since. During a -30 degree day in January one of the plastic clips broke. The clip still worked since only one of the tines broke, i called chrome and they sent me two more clips. This bag has really not "aged" in terms of usability and keeping my essentials safe and dry. Can't really say there is any room for improvement.


Love the bag

Review by Gerardo

the bag is great very comfortable the stability strap helps out alot in daily use.


I Concur

Review by Mike

Just wanted to join the chorus of people saying how good this bag is. Whether riding or day to day traveling this thing has passed all my tests. Also get constant compliments on it's style and design no matter where I go. Bravo, best bag I've ever purchased.


Gods among ants...

Review by Noah G.

I own/have-owned many bags in my life. From a bag made by Google to a Timbuk2 or two; under my bed is one ugly collection. However, I recently won a Chrome Citizen, a bag I had long since drooled over online but, due to school and other things, I had never had the means to purchase. All this means nothings, this is what's importants...
...This bag rapes all other bags. I can (and have) carried twice the loads of my other bags on my back for much longer bike rides than just too and from school and it feels like nothing. Honestly. I used to dread the ten ton text books, now I forget about them on my rides. And this is coming from who's probably the weakest bicyclist on earth! This bag means comfort. Nicest bag I've ever owned. The only issue I have encountered is that you (in comfort induced forgetfullness) can easily over stuff it and leave a massive sweaty rectangle on your back...but then you look like a bad ass.

The customer service is also orgasmic. Honestly.



Review by Josh

This bag is that jam, straight up.


Here, here!!!

Review by Tamar

I merely wanted to be a part of the chorus praising this glorius bag!
I have owned many bags. I have gone through my share of girlie purses and mountain-man backpacks. I have carried a variety of luggage from over-priced Coach bags to clearance bin specials. I have spent hours searching bag displays, scrutinizing pockets and straps, frustrating sales-people as I cram bags full of my possesions just to see if they are as comfortable as they are attractive. My searching for the perfect bag has bodered on obsession. >_>
The searching was over the day I recieved the long desired Chrome bag as a gift. I will never spend another minute searching; all of my bag prayers have been answered with my olive green/black citizen messenger bag! It is practical and beautiful, I can carry a lot or a little and the weight on my shoulder never seems to change. I have recieved many wide-eyed compliments on this bag and I recommend Chrome every time!
P.S. The rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrip sound of the velcro is a bonus! ^_^


This bag is perfect for commuting with all of your college books!!

Review by Charlie

I ride to and from school in Cleveland every day, and this bag is perfect for long trips in all weather conditions. My regular load is my 17" MacBook Pro, 3 or 4 (depending on the day) text books, 2 or 3 notebooks, a water bottle, and a change of clothes. However, if I'm not careful of how I pack it, it can be a bit uncomfortable. If you need to carry a lot and you're always in a rush, consider the Metropolis. I'm considering buying it as a second bag. All in all i LOVE this bag. I use it every day, and have never regretted buying it...neither will you!

By the way - the compliments I receive are endless. Thanks Chrome!


good bag

Review by julian

Alright i got this bag for chrsitmas and its a really good bag, i like it. But the seat belt buckle part of the bag, its paint falls off. Ive had this bag for a little bit already and it gets annoying that every time I put the bag on the paint chips off little by little. Other then that the bag is awsome.


A near-perfect messenger

Review by Jared

I've been researching messenger bags for months. I've tried on several brands (the usual suspects and even one from a local bag maker), but couldn't get my hands on a Chrome bag as no one in my area stocks them. Regardless, I wanted to pull the trigger, but had a hard time spending money on something I couldn't see and touch.

Well, thank god for good friends. Several days ago, I received this bag (Citizen, black and white) from a friend as a gift. She had noticed my obsessing and decided to just make the decision for me. Needless to say, I am thrilled. Now, let me be honest: I've only got a couple of short rides on my bike with this bag, but so far, it has performed admirably.

-Looks GREAT (better in real life than in the pics, as usual).
-Spacious (I've yet to pack it completely full while riding, but it holds a LOT of stuff).
-More pockets than I know what to do with. Initially, I was a bit concerned about the lack of pockets, but found the front to have five and then the liner separates for a file/folder compartment, which I dig.
-Tail light attachment.
-Comfortable padded shoulder strap.
-Super-functional cam system.
-Chrome quality. Made with care, you can tell.
-Stable. Unlike my old bag, this one stays put. No shifting around on my back, no need to constantly adjust its position.
-Seals tight. Unlike the Timbuk2, which leaves open corners for water seepage.
-Compatibility with Chrome's laptop case, which anchors your 'puter inside the bag. I'll definitely be picking on of those up.
-Oh, did I mention it looks great?

-I'm somewhat thick chested and I have the stabilizer strap maxed-out without a full-load. I could use another inch or so on that strap.
-When packing a full-load, the bag obstructs my view when turning my head to see traffic behind me. Perhaps this is just the position of the bag on my body, but it's still a bit unnerving. I'm going to have to do some testing to see if I can find a way to overcome this.

Coming from my first messenger (a Novara Buzz bag), I can tell you this is night and day difference. Frankly, I find myself wondering how I rode with the other clunker as long as I did. Short of my small list of complaints, I'd call this a near-perfect messenger.



Review by Ricky




Review by Reese

I've had my Citizen messenger bag for almost three years and I love it!

I used it as my primary bag for college and was able to stuff it with a 13" Mac, couple of slim-ish textbooks and binders, light jacket, water bottle and flip-flops. it was pushing 25 pounds, but the weight was distributed well. While I ride my motorcycle or bicycle, I feel better knowing it was able to take a couple rough tumbles and all the crazy weather. I rode in heavy rain (even hail!), strong winds and intense heat. The bag kept my stuff dry and at even temperatures. Plus, the buckle made me feel sort of bad-a**.

I wash it once in a while and the bright red hasn't faded. It always gets second glances and compliments. I'm ready to try another Chrome product, probably one of their backpacks.


If you bike, this is for you

Review by Elvis

Used other messenger bags and liked em okay, but always had things I would've had different. Tried the Chrome. It rocks. I've had this some years now, and cane say I've used it on and off the bike (mostly on).

First thing you notice is that buckle. Yeh, it looks and works just like a seatbelt buckle. No, it doesn't get in the way much, and yeh, it is "cool". It's also nice for some days if, like me, you have a rebuilt shoulder. Especially if you are carrying soemthing heavy (a six pack, for instance, or something) and don't wanna have the bag catch on yer helmet putting it on and off. Inside: The Citizen is well thought out for riders. There is a pocket for a water bottle at each end, a velcro tab for the stabalizer strap to hold it out of the way when not in use, and a loop for attaching a rear light for nighttime visibility. The straps that hold down the main flap are also reflective. And then there is the layout itself... the small pockets, including the zippered one and several pen slots, which also hold snall wrenches, a pocket knife, or a tire lever, or anything else, are on the outside, under the main flap closure, allowing easy access.

I used this for commuting for almost a year, and general riding ever since. I've taken it to new england as luggage and rode with it there, and it's been all around New Jersey.

allows excellent rearward visibility of passed and/or overtaking cars, etc., and it feels comfortable. You can tell it is designed for riding.

Of late, since I had shoulder repair a year or so ago (car knocked me over) shoulder towards the end of April, I have been using the Chrome Citizen because it's buckle mechanism makes it easier to take it on and off. It's held up surprisingly well to daily use, but then, hey, that's what it's for.

Verdict: This thing "rocks!" Essential equipment for the person who gets around by bike. Sure, you could stuff your gear in your pockets or use a bookbag from wallmart... but what about when it rains? Seriously, this thing has lasted. My only complaint is that sadly I've notice some wear around the edges of the liner on the flap, but after several years of east coast winters perhaps that's about par for the course. I know other bags would have disintegrated by now.

If you ride, get one, you won't regret it. My only regret is not getting the full size model and opting fo rthe "medium" -- the extra room would've come in handy.


This is "THE" bag!

Review by Matthew

Got the Citizen bag for Christmas this year, and so far it has lived up to the expectations I had for it. All of the reviews on this site helped to confirm that this is one of the most well built bags on the market, and when I first opened it up I realized just how special it was. Every aspect of the Citizen is built to be utilitarian and efficient. The zippered and inner pocket under the flap of the bag are great storage spaces for things I would normally keep in my pockets, and the main compartment is deceptively large. So far I have only used this bag for carrying my stuff around campus for the day or as an overnight bag, but it has more than enough room to fit two pairs of clothes, shoes, and a few books; which would be an overload in any bag I've had before. I am from Michigan, so right now riding is really not doable for me, but when the warmer months hit I am excited to see firsthand how this bag travels. Lastly, the fact that this bag, of such high quality, is made right here in the USA by the great folks at Chrome is a testament to the quality of American made products. I am already looking into some of the other products on this site, because after experiencing the high quality from my first purchase I know it is so worth it to buy here again. Keep up the good work Chrome


Surprisingly solid. WELL worth the investment!

Review by Patrick

I initially had some reservations about plunking down $140 for what was essentially a new backpack for school. I had just started commuting by bicycle and was unable to use my previous messenger bag because it never stayed put and I found myself constantly adjusting its position; my hands and mind were off the bars and, as a byproduct, the road. Not a good thing.

I had seen these bags in a few stores, and on more than a few shoulders around town and was so in love with the design that I splurged and treated myself to a new "accessory."

Damn was this thing worth the investment. First off, Its a beautiful design. I went for the classic Black/Red with silver buckle. Its form is only outdone by its function. This bag STAYS PUT! Rarely slides around, and its easily adjustable if it starts to move around on a ride. The material is incredibly sturdy, and rugged. The liner is feels thick and durable and all points of contact are sewn with everyday use in mind. The belt buckle is hefty, and doesn't feel like its going to loosen up anytime soon. The webbing that holds the two main compartment buckles is laced with reflective trim, really nice touch.

I was more than impressed with its capacity. I carry a few books and notebooks, a large bottle of water, change of clothes, tools, iPod/cellphone, pens, and more daily with comfort and ease. The flap completely covers the main compartment, and the pockets are deep enough that I don't worry about ANYTHING slipping out on a commute. The velcro on the main pouch holds EXTREMELY well.

I'm a bigger dude, with a broad and deep barrel chest and this thing has more than enough length to accommodate me. The outer material is also very quick to dry. After a day's commute I usually sweat through my shirt where the bag is positioned, and it drys very quickly so its ready for the next day.

If you're on the fence about this, just do it. You won't be disappointed.


Great Bag

Review by Scott

I bought a Citizen around 8 years ago, and it's still as solid as the day I bought it.


Bag is Quality

Review by Steve

I debated whether to get this bag for a while due to the higher than normal price for a school bag although all in it wasn't that bad. I am a university student in Canada where it snows quite a bit, and while i ride my bike when I can, it's not always fesable. I wanted a bag that would hold all my school things, and keep them dry when snowing or sleeting.

This bag is quality, you can tell the way it is made it is meant to last. The inner liner is very water proof, and none of my documents have gotten wet, even in bad snowy weather. The strap is really comfortible even when the bag is jammed full. (I often have to take home lots of charts and documents so it is usually really full). The velcro on the inside is really strong and doesn't move at all.

My only small complaint about this bag is the inside smaller pockets. They aren't really big enough to hold all of my nik nak things such as a calculator (graphing so its bigger) day planner etc. Don't get me wrong, there is room there but it could be bigger for what I use it for. Not a deal breaker by any stretch though.

Overall this bag works really well for me. I use it as a school bag and in the summer when I am able ride my bike.


Its amazing

Review by Garrett

It's cool


Greatest Bag Ever!

Review by Kyle

This bag is incredible. I have had mine for seven years now, and it still looks great. I am a swim coach and was looking for something that could cart around everything I need for the classroom and pool at once, and keep it all dry. In seven years, nothing has ever gotten wet. The internal pockets are great for holding watches and caps, everything is kept where I need it.

This bag isn't even close to breaking down. The velcro is still flawless, straps, clips, and liner as well. I couldn't ask for any more in a bag!


Fantastic Bag for Urban Commuters!

Review by Dutchler

This bag is pretty much perfect for any avid cyclist and urban commuter. I've been riding it through the coldest, slickest, dirtiest of Chicago's winter season (even through the Snowpocalypse!) and nothing has failed me on this bag.

The outer layer has never been punctured by anything while riding (I did accidentally slice it a bit with an X-Acto knife but those knives are sharp and I'm an idiot.). I've ridden through snow and rain and nothing inside has ever gotten even a little wet thanks to the waterproof interior layer. I've had a spill or two and things (including my camera) have remained perfectly in tact.

My typical haul is my art supplies, a hardcover book, change of shoes, U-Lock, pencils, pens, laptop and camera, and this bag holds it all with plenty of room to spare.

Basically, I love this bag. I never go anywhere without it. Get it!


A Bargain at Twice the Price.

Review by Chris

Absolutely the best bag I've ever owned. Flawless.


Best I've Ever Had!!!!!

Review by Jay

This bag is the best!!! I have had it for five years and it is still going strong. It's stylish, completely functional, and can definitely take a beating ( i wear it when I am on my sportbike). Its simply an amazing bag to have!


Lovin this bag

Review by mike

Came to school with a regular backpack, had to haul all 5 textbooks plus laptop and numerous note pads, this did not fit in my other backpack, wack. but i picked up one of these and ive been able to haul all the above mentioned crap around everyday, and have been able to now put my gym clothes in there too! a few suggestions, however, would be to have a larger zippered area, (maybe it already exists, and i have not found it yet) compression straps to level everything out, and some sort of back padding. overall best bag ive owned, no bull


6 Years and Strong

Review by Max

I've had my Chrome bag for over 6 years and have put it through the works. It's been dropped, scratched, rained on, taken hiking, taken camping, taken to college, and everyday I still trust it to carry my books, my laptop, my stuff. Not surprisingly, it still clicks, closes, and carries (and is still waterproof... amazing...). I probably could get even more years out of it, but I think I just want another.

Thanks, Chrome.


this bag is warrior gear

Review by andres

this bag has made it to hell and back with me and it's as still as strong and reliable as the day i got it. i can pack quite a bit of gear in here and the balance is always just right. the shoulder strap is very comfortable and sturdy as well. a lot of thought went into this design and you can tell they actually field tested it, as everything is in its right place; very ergonomic. if you think it's too expensive, i can tell you it's worth every penny. i don't see myself ever replacing this bag.

i would definitely recommend this bag and look forward to buying another one that's slightly larger.


Fine bag - watch the lower strap

Review by Bwood

Got this bag for use in the UK. Fine for commute, but lower (tightening strap) is a bind. I would like to see a thicker lower strap (rather than the seatbelt material), as it keeps on creasing/crossing in the buckle. My previous bag had a heavy duty strap and it avoided this issue. I would also like to see an alternative securing strap layout for the tail end as it can flap around in its currrent set up - I use a small velcro strap to contain the tail.


Excellent for everyday carry

Review by Alex

I've been using this bag since I received it as Christmas present in '10 and it is nothing short of amazing. It's been through drenching rain, mud and accidental drink spills, and it seems as though nothing will be able to get to the contents. Unlike my previous messenger bag, a canvas type from urban outfitters, the strap is padded to the point where I can use it to haul loads over twenty pounds for a short time without my shoulder giving out. Thanks to the chrome team for making such an outstanding product, I would recommend that you buy one as soon as possible.


All I wanted, but a little less

Review by Derek

i've had this bag a little over 2 weeks, and I have to say that in terms of comfort, usability, and functionality its incredible. When riding, the bag does not move. Its comfortable, and it feels EXTREMELY durable.

I only wish for some compartments on the outside of the bag, as to allow me to keep my train pass, or things i need at quick reach. This would save me the trouble of having to keep undoing my buckles, straps, etc to get things out.

But all in all, really incredible bag!


A terrific bag for a college student

Review by Jay

Back in high school I had to constantly go through and buy new backpacks every year and sometimes every semester. Once I got into college I knew it was time for something different, and I'm so glad I stumbled across this! I've had this bag for three years now and it's put up with the abuse of my hectic schedule and crazy amounts of books so well! If you're looking for a trendy bag that is TOTALLY worth the money, than look no further!


Road Tough Road Ready

Review by Bryce

I've had this thing filled with so many different things while being on the road as a musician or just riding around town and this bag does the job above and beyond. Everything I need fits and it's a very comfortable bag. I've had it for years and it still looks brand new. This bag is a best buy for sure.


in love

Review by Alex

this bag is great!!!!! super comfortable, easy to handle, easy to carry, easy EVERYTHING. the most thing i love about this bag is that you can put things under the waterproof bucket. keep your wet things wet and dry things dry!!!


Awesome at its best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by Mark O.

I love it, I can't separate myself from this bag. big enough for me to put what I want in it, but not so big that it is in my way. I should have bought this bag a long time ago.


Sweet bag!

Review by Jocelyn

I had heard a lot about Chrome bags but I never had the need to buy one until a month ago. My old backpack kept leaking water and it annoyed me enough to buy a Citizen. I was worried about space and was torn between the Mini Metro and the Citizen, but honestly I have not had any issues. I typically carry my 15" MBP with a case, a notebook, folders, book, some art supplies, water bottle, lunch and there's usually still a little room for more things. It can get heavy after a while, but the padded strap helps. I'm a 5'4" female and the bag doesn't feel too large for my size. So I would definitely recommend the Citizen if you're undecided. The craftsmanship is superb. I never feel like the bag will fall apart and I'm extremely thankful that is is waterproof. The weather hasn't been cooperating enough for me to ride my bike long distances with the bag on, but so far it has stayed put on my back.

Conclusion: I'd recommend you get one!


Legit beyond all means

Review by brandon

I find to hear my friends say chrome bags are for hipsters and non-fixie riders.. um the strap and buckle is better than seagull,bailey works, etc. There comfortable the colors are legit, and the look is sick. By far its my first bag and it goes great with my first fixed gear. I do ride alot and backpacks suck dick.. they hurt my shoulders really bad and this bag by far doesnt way me down.. thanks chrome your bags are built the best, best strap and buckle system, and the best storage.. and yes the side pockets store good for tools, pipes, and buds. a true hero for my soar back.


killer bag!

Review by joseph

i bought the krooked citizen bag, and it rocks!!! i can fit so much stuff inside without it looking like its full!!! great job with this bag!! i plan on buying the berlin bag just cuz i plan on take some trips this summer! and im not saying that the citizen cant handle it, CUZ IT CAN! but i really like the idea of the u-lock holster.. but back to the citizen.. riding with this bags makes it feel like there isnt anything on ur back! i just love this bag!! thanks chrome team for making such a sick bag!!!!


Photographer Friendly :)

Review by Martian

I love this bag. It conveniently fits a sturdy tripod under the flap while still being comfortable. Along with the Tripod, i've stuffed a 4x5 wooden pinhole camera, a TLR, and a DSLR with plenty of film in the side pockets all at once. This bag can be used for anything!


Just the right size.

Review by Mikey

Man I love this bag. I work at a skateshop where we stock tons of different bags and I had a what I thought at the time awesome Dakine Porter messenger bag but after seeing this one I bought it and immediately sold my dakine bag on craigslist because it was beyond replaced. Anyone who's used this bag knows it rules. It has spots for everything I carry between working full time and going to school. It makes a perfect pair with the Chrome cell phone holster on the outside too! Chrome has truly ruined all other bags for me.


Will never buy another brand for a bag

Review by Shea

I got my first Chrome citizen a few months ago and I haven't looked back. I am a full time graphic design student and this bag fits all my supplies, books and binders with ease. I use it for grocery shopping and beer runs and can hold an 18 pack like nothing. I most recently got back from a trip back home in Nor Cal and I used the citizen to pack a weeks worth of clothes and random things. I used it as a carry on and was perfect, not only was it able to hold all my gear, it fit the dimensions for carry on so that saved me money and time. Chrome, you guys really do some great work, I will never purchase any other bag from another brand, you guys just got yet another life long customer.


perfect for any student

Review by Alli

Let me start off saying that the fact that it comes in my school colors makes this bag just that much better. It is the perfect size for a medium build female to carry anything between books, art supplies, and a lunch. This bag has saved itself by just its efficient design: the inner lining keeps everything inside safe (dust storms, rain, etc) or everything outside the bag safe (my spilled chilli, clean up was even easy and efficient.)

There is a growing community of Chrome bag owners in my city/town, and we ALL are Chrome addicts, continuously buying more products and never being disappointed! I am one of the most abusive persons on my bags, and I have not owned one bag (until now) that has withstood me for more than a year. It has even survived animal abuse.

I take my Citizen with me everywhere and love it all the same!


Bloody well built

Review by Seamus

I have had my bag for 3 years and I use it literally every day for everything form commuting to work to grocery runs, to delivering product. I have eaten pavement a couple of times and this bag has taken a real beating the couple times I have have landed on it. I am really hard on my equipment and this bag has stood up to everything I have thrown at it. I use it in the sun, rain and even snow.


Best Bag EVER

Review by Lewis

Managed to get my hand on one of these a while back and it's still holding up. As a photography student and part time messenger this bag is the dogs bollocks as i can fit everything i could ever need in it. England has some awful weather and chrome have built a bag that can withstand pretty much anything which is insane. Definitely sticking with this bad and maybe buying the pro version to give me way more space. best bag I've seen by far, sod the rest, I'm sticking with Chrome.


You are stupid to not own one of these...

Review by Brian

This bag is sick in every way possible. You can probably start your own daycare in it and the looks are awesome. The seat belt buckle gets soooo many looks and compliments. Everyone always asks about it. Its pretty much never going to fall apart.

The one minor, meager, small, nearly insignificant part of it is that if your not used to riding with a messenger bag style bag it may feel a little awkward. The strap is plenty comfortable and one just needs to learn how to pack it to make it as comfortable as possible. I will be buying a Pawn not as a replacement, but as a comparison.


Hardcore Bag, Saved My Butt

Review by Gabriel

I have had this bag for more than four years now and it has yet to show any signs of aging or deterioration. I bike to work 5 times a day and my Citizen has become a permanent fixture in my day to day life. I was hit by a car on my way to work a week ago and was sent skidding on the road on my back.... My Citizen took the full impact and after licking my wounds, noticed my bag was still in impeccable shape aside from some dirt and scratches. I hate to think what could have happened without my Citizen to save my butt.


Overall AMAZING BAG!!!!!

Review by Alex

this bag does everything you want it too holds everything i need with room to spare. this is a must buy bag


awsome too sick

Review by carlos

this is the best bag ive ever had i bike with it it feels comfy and secure and the looks are awsome i love this bag for sure gonna buy another one
Chrome Love You Guys!!


Great bag! but will mess with your shoulder and back over prolonged use.

Review by Meadow

I really like this bag and have been using everyday it everyday for the last 6 months on my bike as a commuter. Standard load is laptop, charger, water bottle, notebook, and lunch. The bag stays in place really well and looks pretty cool too.

However to my dismay my weight bearing shoulder and back have really started bothering me. Unfortunately, not being able to switch sides or evenly distribute the weight day after day has made using this bag start to suck. Currently taking a break from using it, and thinking that I am going to have purchase a backpack design of some sort.

If you aren't going to wear every single day for prolonged use this bag is awesome. However if looking for an everyday long term commuter I would recommend something with 2 straps or at least the ability to switch shoulders.


You call this a bag? I call it a TANK

Review by Jonathan

This is my second Chrome bag, my first being a smaller one called the Corsair. Got this from my girlfriend as a birthday present. I've biked in the city with this, mountain bike with this and use it to carry books and just about EVERYTHING around. I've accidentally scraped it on concrete and brick walls while sliding past tight spaces and alleys and such, and there is no scratches at all. Very much worth the value. Very satisfied. If you're a traveler of ANY kind, you MUST have one of these.


Best purchase in a long WHILE !

Review by Vince

This is the most incredibly versatile bag I have owned in a LONG time. I got really tired of switching bags depending on what I was doing and where I was going.
I have had this for a bit over a month now and I take it with me EVERYWHERE... Since I have my essentials in smaller bags now I just throw things out or in depending on the situation.
I have traveled with it, commute everyday 19 mi, and recently used it while doing some interesting single track.
I can usually wipe it down or just claim its got character... Either way I love this bag !


Well-crafted bag

Review by bodycount90

After switching through several bags, I found Chrome's site and stumbled upon their messenger bags. I was slightly skeptical of the price, since I'm a college student on a bit of a budget. Originally I bought the mini-metro because it was the most affordable. For all intents and purposes, the mini-metro is every bit as functional and well-crafted as the citizen and the metropolis. However, it was simply too small, so I decided to upgrade.

The metropolis seemed like a good idea, and without a doubt it could probably fit my entire life. But when trying it on, it was rather large, and wrapped around my right rib when empty. At just a little under 5'7", the metropolis would be a little too large for my frame; it's literally a tank.

Whereas other bags tend to sit horizontally, this bag sits perfectly diagonal on my shoulder/back, and the weight is situated more towards the small in my back when riding.

The citizen is just right for my height and commuting needs. I'm not a courier, but I usually carry a rain jacket, U-Lock, 2" binder, lunch, 1L water bottle, and on occasion, a textbook to school on a 30km commute. If I must carry a box, I know that the citizen can hold a Wii or PS3 box, with spare room leftover.

The waterproofing is the icing on the cake. After riding for an hour in rain/hail, everything in this bag was dry. Well done Chrome, five stars.


I'll die before this does, but have to give it up.

Review by Lady Chicago

I got mine as a hand-me-down from a friend when I started riding my bike seriously, and I needed something that wouldn't bounce around and was tough (I think the bag is about 4 years old now). I think I'm the third person to own it and it has been obviously been torn apart over the years, but the amazing thing is everything functionally still works great. The buckle gets stuck sometimes, but the rest of the bag is totally solid.

-Honestly I think this bag will outlive me
-The stabilizer really helps the ride, the bag never moves around making maneuvering through traffic much easier.
-Easy to flip the bag around you to get out important things (wallet, lock, keys).
-Lots of great little pockets in the front.

-The U shape makes it hard to fit things in it easily.
-After about 3 months of using the bag my shoulder really started to hurt from the pressure the bag puts on it(I wouldn't recommend this bag to anyone who plans on using this everyday).

Overall: Great bag, problem was it will definitely last longer than my shoulder would have.


This beat my expectations

Review by Scotty

I finally pulled the trigger in buying this bag. I also got the keychain buckle and utility pouch with it.

What i carry for work and play:
-17inch macbook pro (with sleeve)
-2 External harddrive
-Cables (pouch)
-Text book (s) / notebooks
-Pens, sharpie, etc.

I like the fact that it fits perfectly and doesnt shake around in the bag. I didnt want the bag to be too big or too bulky even if i didnt fill it. All my belongings are pretty snug inside the bag. I like that because it will be the only things ill carry in this bag. But, i might switch to the bigger pro series (Berlin) or Metropolis soon.

I like:
-The great quality materials used to make it.
-The velcro that is integrated into the shoulder straps. (i snap the keychain on that)
-the BUCKLE! Especially the two part bottle opener and strap release
- How it feels on my back when its tied down.
- Great padding on the shoulder strap.
- That liner is amazing.

Dont like:
- The material is great....but a bit stiff. (im sure it will break in after uses)
- The reflective straps are difficult to adjust (they get caught a lot on the plastic buckle. It is not as smooth as the seat belt)

I really do like this bag a lot. i just wish i could have picked it up in person at the store on the east or west coast. Great Job Chrome!


It's all in the bag!

Review by Gavin

Well I have to commend Chrome on an absolute gem of a bag!

I upgraded from my normal backpack as it started letting rain in which isn't ideal with the Irish weather going to and from work. On the recommendation of some courier friends that frequent our office I invested in Citizen. On my commute I usually carry a change of clothes, shoes, two Krypto' locks (Evo Mini & Fahgettaboudit), lunch, wallet & glasses case. As far as comfort is concerned the Citizen sits perfectly on the back even with the two meaty locks on board and the strap is very comfortable across the chest !

The Citizen is also well able to take what the weekend throws at it! It laughs at the rain while carrying your 6, 8, and 12 packs or a slab (20) of loose bottles!

All in all Chrome have done a stand up job on this bag and it's five stars all day long! I also picked up the accessory pouch with is a great addition to the strap for storing your phone and keys.

Nicely done Chrome, keep it up folks! :o)



Review by Mike

I bought my Citizen almost a year ago, as I was heading to school in NYC from Chicago for photography. My equipment is very valuable and i cannot afford to have it come into contact with water. I also needed a bag that could carry me through the day even when not hauling cameras.

The Citizen provides the perfect computerize between not cumbersome, spacious, but moreover having the ability to cram that bad boy full of a ton of stuff in needed. Fully loaded it gets a bit sore when walking (all that weight on one strap, padded as it may be) But that's why I'll be picking up a Chrome Backbone soon. The weight is no issue when you're riding a bike because it rests more on your back then your shoulder.

The bag is completely water proof, as I've been caught in plenty of rain and snow storms and had my Cameras, notebooks, clothes, computer, negatives, WHATEVER, dry as a bone.

The buckle provides great on / off when the bag is overstuffed and the adjustable strap works like a charm, making it a snap to take the bag from relaxed lower back position to locked down on the upper back, across the shoulders. The stabilizer strap perfectly secures the bag so that i can bike very intensely and have no issue with it moving what so ever.

Chrome has forever won me over with well-engineered quality and perfect style. Their shit is on point to the last. I could consider myself a lifelong customer.


Heavy even when empty

Review by Mary

My citizen looks as cool as hell but I find I rarely use it becuase it is so damned heavy, even when nothing is in it. I am a petitie female and may have made a better choice with a Mini Metro sized one instead...


Totally badass.

Review by RYan

Like the best bag you'll ever need. I've had mine for years and love it forever.... Made in the US and lasts. Read the warranty :)


still awesome

Review by jmck

This is my 2nd Chrome messenger bag in 8 years. The first one is still in good shape, but it's a Metropolis and I wanted to scale down to what I really needed to carry on the bike. With this bag I see there have been numerous small tweaks to the construction, all good, *except* I think the seatbelt strap material is a little thinner, and this means that it can twist around inside the buckle mechanism, with the result that you have a twist in your strap when you put it on. Takes about a minute to fix, but it happens frequently. That is my *ONLY ISSUE* with this bag, Chrome is still the *ONLY* carry equipment I will wear on my bike.


Best Cycling Bag Ever!

Review by Jake

This is the most comfortable, waterproof, utilitarian bag i've ever owned! I can beat the heck out of it and it still looks brand new! Thanks Chrome! If you are a cyclist and you dont have one of these. You need one.


Best Bag Ever Its A Fuckin Beast

Review by charlie

I bought this bag like a couple months ago i take it too school have books and valuables and everything is snug and tight
i love how the bag is well built and looks sick as fuck
i bike too the beach evey week this bag helps out so much and since its waterproof its perfect
I would buy another one for sure!


Fantastic Bag. Simple as that!

Review by Abram

I've had my Citizen for a little over 5 years now and it has yet to develop a single tear or excessive wear spot. It's got some bike grease stains, but that happens!

I've used it for travel, as a day bag, as a computer bag, as a camera bag (w/ an additional insert from Tenba) a gym bag, and of course when I'm out riding to carry the essentials.

The guys at Chrome seriously know how to make a durable product, I've never been let down by this bag, and I hope it continues to last another 10+ years!


This is what a real courier or anyone who wants thier bag to last needs.

Review by Rolando

I have had this bag for 2 months and it has been in 3 accidents and still looks new. I got the bag because of the style and the way it looks but it's great all around. The only thing is i wash i got a bigger one but i plan on getting the Berlin next week. i have a co-worker who has it and u can fit a 3 year old kid in it. (Dont ask how i know) But if your thinking bout getting it, get it. Thanks Chrome, keep making these courier approved bags and imma keep buying.


Awesomeness personified

Review by Rethi

This is my second chrome bag the first one being an Ivan . I needed something smaller and this bag is simply it's various compartments and it's snug feelin. Carrying it is a breeze and it's tough as nails. Thanks chrome!


best bag

Review by jak

the thing about this bag is i can carry anything in it and i can almost stuff anything in it and protect it from the weather in my opinion better than the northface bag i used


Amazing bag, super durable

Review by Alexander

I absolutely love Chrome. Chrome makes fantastic products, and personally this is my favorite model/size that they make. I've owned a navy one with a white stripe for four years now, and it doesn't show any signs of quitting yet. I've been in my fair share of accidents, and the bag (as well as the contents inside) have remained untouched. The size is spectacular, not too big, not too small, just right. And of course, this is a slick looking bag. The only reason I'm moving onto another bag is because after four years of having a bag with a single strap, I have to admit, I do miss two straps. Plus, a change of style is always nice too.

But to all of those thinking about buying this, yes, do it. Durable, capable, perfect size, looks great, looks better with age as it gets scuffed up, and you will absolutely take it everywhere. A great way to spend 140 bucks.


Freak'n Awesome

Review by Josh Annua

By far the best work and play bag ever!!!


Best bag I have ever purchased.

Review by Gedsu

After a year with this bag I can safely say that this is the greatest bag I have ever used. Definite buy for anyone who wants a bag that will last. Buy it and you will not regret it.


Functional, stylish, &c.

Review by D.

I originally bought this bag about five years ago when I was walking to work - it looked way cooler than a rucksack or briefcase, and was completely waterproof (I could fit spare clothes, books, computer stuff and a laptop-in-a-case, without ever worrying stuff would get ruined). I have just started cycling instead and it is even better - so comfortable, when pulled tight, and the extra support strap really does it's job and stops the bag swinging around.


great bag...bigger then i thought

Review by Dan

i bought this bag with the idea that i could carry it daily but its so big i cant see using it unless im traveling . its a great bag though. the quality is unbeatable. not a single stitch out of place. i hauled my 13 inch macbook( in a case) my xbox360, 2 controllers for the system, the cables, and 4 games ALL AT ONCE in this bag. yes it fit. but it felt like its was compressing my chest to much where the buckle is. but it got the job done non the less. oh and everything stayed dry.

i liked the quality so much i came back to the website to search for a smaller bag for more regular use and settled for the vega after awhile of going back and forth on wether to get the smaller buckle bag (mini metro) or the vega. the vega won because i am afraid the mini metro will be to big as well lol.. but i may buy it later and perhaps sell my citizen or give it away to a friend or family member in more need of such a giant bag lol.

great bag though all chrome stuff seems great


Pretty much the best investment ever.

Review by Jacob

I bought this bag because i was tired of my old backpacks wearing out and not being all to sturdy, and let me just say that I do not regret spending a penny of the retail cost. I don't usually like to spend so much on a single item but it proved to be a great investment about a week ago. I was riding to our local fro yo joint across town to meet a friend and I decided to cut through the back of a church parking lot so I could get there faster, so i was going at a considerably fast speed and didnt notice a speed bump... Needless to say, I flew over my handlebars and skid on the gravely asphalt of the parking lot on my back. When I finally stopped yelling some not so nice things I got up and expected my bag to be shredded up, but to my surpise it was fine! The only scar my bag has from that whole ordeal is a little black streak on the white tarp piece on the outside, but everything inside and the rest of the bag is perfect! It also saved my back from being as messed up as my hand and hip. All in all I have nothing bad to say about this bag.


sturdiest, coolest, most convenient bag ever

Review by Jaime

i bought this bag so long ago I don't even remember the year. Maybe 5 years ago or something, in this rad neon-orange and white color combo. Anyway, i think the point is that it's still in such good shape that I don't know how many years I've been carrying it around for. Also my back is in such great shape (this bag is comfortable up to an unreasonably heavy load), that my body has no idea how long I've been toting it, either.

The list of why this bag rocks goes on and on. I've traveled the world with it strapped to my bag. I can put my laptop (in a chrome sleeve, of course) in it with just ridiculous amounts of space to spare. This bag is way bigger than you think it is, but not so big that you'd find it outrageous. This bag can be carried every day with just a few things in it, or be strapped to the gills with all kinds of stuff.

I like to show up at summer picnics or parties with a classy cold bottle of vino bianco, or a few good brews, and all I have to do is chill it overnight, stuff it in a paper bag, toss it in this amazing messenger bag, set off to my destination either on foot, in the metro, or on my bike, and when I arrive I am the heroine of the hour as I magically extract a corkscrew from the little front pouch and pop the top in the park.

I recommend this bag to everyone and anyone.

You need it; you just don't know it yet.


Good, but not better than the metropolis ergonomically

Review by Enping

Compared to the metropolis, the citizen doesn't sit that well on the body. I use to as a normal carry bag on public transport, and it tends to ride a little lower on the back whilst strapped across my chest. (It doesn't stay very high up unless strapped very tightly, unlike in the pictures above). I am 1.77m tall. Also, due to it's smaller size, the extreme ends of the bag along the line where the main top flap folds tend to collapse down under the weight of the strap / buckle when on the ground, and simple just remain folder when carrying the bag and swung forward. This makes the 2 internal side pockets VERY difficult to access when the bag is on the body / on the go.

I have none of the above problems with the metropolis. Other than the fact that the metropolis is a tad huge looking on the train, I think the larger size is way more ergonomic.

But on the whole, it is still a great bag. Just not up to my expectations from having used the better size.


best bag i ever bought

Review by akeem richards

the bag is incredible strong i filled it up to the max and it still felt comfortable wearing it. i like the two open slots before the main cargo compartment on the two sides. i carry two tubes, 15 mm wrench and my co2 pump thats all u need for a quick fix. all that plus more can fit into one slot. plus the store staff are very professional and will help you. BIG UPS to chrome bag NYC staff.


Im in love!

Review by Adam

I recently took this bag on an international trip. Started in london, stopped in belgium, germany and then spain. I had (deep breath) an extra pair of tennis shoes, 2 pairs of sandals, 4 tshirts, 2 dress shirts, a hoodie, 2 jeans, 1 khaki pair, 6 pairs of socks, boxers, swimming trunks, 2 cell phones w chargers, 3 bottles of cologne, a belt, headphones, my ipad, 100 euro in the secret pocket, a carton of cigarettes, and 2 bottles of wine. Now even though it was filled to the brim, the airport employees didnt even ask me to check to see if it fit in those insanely small frames they use to allow your bag as a carryon or not. Im guessing cause it was on my back and didnt look very full. I was amazed at how much junk i was able to stuff in it and am planning on getting a second one. My first one is the white and sky, and as nice as i think it looks, it got super dirty on this trip. Im thinking i like this new limited coral and charcoal..... I would advise getting the larger citizen sized bag. I spotted a guy in london with a smaller one, and i couldnt help but think to myself (haha...mines bigger)


Chrome vs. Timbuk2

Review by Steve

Brought a Timbuk2 unfortunately before i got Chrome. The Chrome makes the Timbuk2 seem like a kids school bag. It's more durable, a better shape, sits much better whe riding and well....basically looks a lot more cool. The adjustable strap on the Timbuk2 is dumb, it gets caught on things and unravels which is annoying and sometimes dangerours.....why not just have a seat belt like the Chrome. Now I ride with my Chrome and walk wih my Timbuk2....


Survived the nuclear holocaust.

Review by Zambos

I'm fairly certain that my blue/black Citizen is nearing a decade. Among other things, this bag made it through nursing school, numerous trips as a carry-on during flights, a gear bag for my racing junk, has brought much food, drink and blankets to events, and, above all, is my daily commuter. The shell, liner and seams are all intact, holding strong and looking good. There's a little fuzzing going on with the main strap, but I'll cut it a little slack, as I constantly adjust it to fit whatever the load may be. Kinda wish I got the big one, but that's in the works! Cheers to possibly the worlds best bag.



Review by Taxman

I just got my first Citizen today. it was smaller than i expected (i have to say i bought this bag without enough research) but I'm loving it already. The only one thing that i wanna say is that this bag would have been way better if this bag had more and bigger pockets inside or outside. Still this bag is really cool though. i will use this everyday!


more suitable for taller folks.

Review by tina

+ / i've had this bag for three years and it really does last through ANYTHING. and liner/secret compartment thing is pretty much another pocket for me, so there's not really a shortage of space. it also really is waterproof through seattle rain to keep my stuff dry.

- / if you're 5' 2" and relatively small, it gets HEAVY. i'm required to take my laptop, camera, AND textbooks/notebooks to school every day and after a couple hours of walking, my shoulder/back feels like it's going to fall off/snap in half. still trying to find another waterproof bag with enough space that won't hurt like hell.

absolutely love this bag though. for real.


Best. Bag. Ever.

Review by Matt

I love my Chrome Citizen. It must be closing in on 10 years old now (pre-bottle opener), and has well over 100k motorcycle miles on it in all conditions and has never once let me down. It has served me so well that most of my riding buddies have also since purchased their own (post beer popper). Thanks for the quality product.


I love this Bag!

Review by Emil

This bag is the perfect bag for me, both on the bike and off, loveing the strap under the arm to hold it on your bag, really good when you are packing heavely or just laying low in your drop bars.
I would recomend this bag for everyone!


The one thing no one mentions.

Review by David

I did extensive research before purchasing this bag. I looked up youtube videos, examined alternative bag options, and even read all the reviews on the chrome site. After much deliberation, I finally decided to order the bag online. When it arrived, it was everything I wanted and more. What I am surprised no one mentions is that this bag actually makes cycling . This bag augments the joy I get from riding my fixed gear. The evenly distributed load, comfortability, ergonomics, and aesthetics combine to enhance your cycling experience. Trust me, you'll see what I mean if you ever purchase this bag. Thanks, Chrome, for making the best bag I ever had. :)


kick ass bag

Review by erickahler

have had this bag for almost a year now, and put it through hell and back. still looks close to new. a few points though, really needs padding in the back. like so much. also its great on the bike, if you have it like at slightly less than capacity but when its starts to get full it can really throw off your balance. it looks amazing though, gotten many compliments on it. i wish i had gotten a size bigger, and im going to get the ivan as my school bag, but its a wonderfull kick ass weekend bag


nuff said

Review by The Donfather

i had a couple of other bags before this and i can honestly say that this bag is the best. great load bearing, waterproof, etc...
only thing to worry about is friends clicking the buckle when you have a heavy load. not cool...


universally versatile

Review by traveling replicant

this bag is wonderful. I've had it for a year and it looks the same as the day i got it. this bag is made to last through nuclear holocausts, zombie apocalypses, and skateboarding crashes. any sk8er knows it's quite hard to ride a skateboard with a messenger bag, but this bag is more comfortable to skate with than my backpack. it doesn't swing or sway when i push, it doesn't throw off my balance either, and it's wonderful for carrying my board. the straps fit around the board nearly perfectly. The only complaint i have is that i have a 14" sony vaio and i can't use the laptop case with it because its for macbooks. so those laptop straps inside are useless to me but i couldn't have asked for a better bag.


Great Bag for a Bicyclist/Journalist

Review by Steve Bowman

My medium-size Citizen bag has served me well in the past year as a bicyclist and the main writer and photographer for a smalltown news website. I cover a dozen events a week with the bag on my back, riding to most of the events on my bike. I like knowing that my laptop or camera gear won't get wet. I like being able to slide the bag from my back to my front to grab a lens, flash, etc. I can even carry my 18-inch (when collapsed) monopod by extending the two straps (that close the main compartment) all the way out and looping them both around the monopod before snapping the clasps into place. The straps are not long enough to loop around a tripod but a monopod is fine. After all this use, the only wear on the bag is that there's some fraying in the fabric of the two nylon straps. Great work, Chrome!


The Last Bag You'll Ever Buy.

Review by joanna

I've had my citizen messenger for a year and a half now. Most messenger bags are a pain to lug around--they aren't balanced correctly and cut into your shoulder. After doing extensive research comparing several brands and consulting a few of my friends, I bought the medium and haven't regretted it for a moment. Although I don't bike, it's perfect for commuting to and from school in the city. It has plenty of room for my laptop, a jacket, a notebook and book, plus a few other random small items including a water bottle (which i don't have to worry about since there's pockets big enough outside of the waterproof lining!) It's really nice to not worry about the bag getting wet since I always carry a laptop. Riding public transit every day means that I have to worry about pickpockets as well. The design of the bag prevents anyone from reaching a hand into your bag when you're not looking--and the huge strip of velcro and two buckles means that you're going to hear anyone trying to open it to reach in. My one and ONLY qualm is that being a girl that carries a Chrome and not a purse, I wish there were a few more compartments with zippers for keys, cellphone, etc. Overall, the best bag I have ever owned and if my bag ever wears out, I'll be buying Chrome again.


Tough as nails

Review by Garan

I bought this bag as a broke-ass student who was on the verge of buying his first laptop. I needed something that looked and felt awesome and that could protect a laptop from the elements while riding a bike. Well, shortly after getting it I had a chance to test it. A tornado was passing about 20 miles to the East of where I was living and it was CHUCKING rain. So I threw some papers into my bag and hopped on the bike, riding around the block a few times. On getting back to my apartment, I discovered that NOT A DROP OF RAIN had made it onto my papers.

Built tough enough to keep out torrential rains, this bag has lasted me six years now and it's barely showing any wear. If you're broke and looking for a bag that you will never need to replace, this is it. My only regret is that I didn't buy the next size up! Putting an iBook G4 14" laptop and a couple of notebooks in this thing, I found it to be pretty much packed, though the pen slots, side pockets, and zip pocket were great for storing incidentals. The only way I could think of improving this bag would be to add a removable separator to the main pocket. Outside of that, nothing else is needed IMO.

Oh wait, there is one more thing. Add black with an orange stripe to the color options! DO WANT!


Fits my life and then some

Review by Alex

Purchased this bag about a year ago and it has been my faithful companion for all my travels and activities. It's taken so much abuse from me, I'm always surprised to find it in such great condition. Whenever anyone asks me on its usefulness, I simply say I can fit my whole life in it and still have room for theirs too. I love this bag.



Review by Mateo

I am a high school student that was looking for a bag that would last for a while. this bag is amazing i can fit everything i ever need in it. i am a little worried about the smaller plastic buckles breaking just not sure how strong they are. very comfrtable comes on and off easy. The little rubber Chrome logo on the front is starting to tear a little bit but that is ot a big deal. Amazing bag would recommend for anyone.


any avid cyclists' wet dream

Review by hunter

I have had this bag for a year and half now, gotten hit by a bus, sideswiped countless times, have been turned to road mash on several occasions and this bag took the worst of it. apart from some minor abrasions up front, this bag is just how it was when bought. and for the guys, the majority of the compliments i receive from girls is about the kick ass belt buckle.


One AWSOME bag!!!!

Review by Crystal

Been havin this bag for several months and it had been kick butt!!! Awsome quality and craftsmamship. A Buyer for life!!


The last bag i may buy.

Review by Bag Buyer

OK, for starters, ive had alot of messenger bags.....alot. Then i stumbled upon this grand website. So, i did my research i checked out everything from ground up on these bags. Then i looked at other bags. And lets not forget prices. Chrome bags (i can honestly say) are hands down the best. i bought mine a few weeks ago and to test out the ride with it i stuffed with anything i could find. I barely felt it. and with the no slip strap...i thought i forgot it several places. The quick release buckle is my favorite though. I hated pulling the straps over my head. Great bag, prices, and company, this may well be the company i stick with for bags through it all.


Sweet :)

Review by s0x

i love this bag. its built like a tank and i can fit almost everything i want in it the only things i think that would benefit this bag are 1) i think they should put a handle on the top of it incase you want to pick it up from the top of the bag and i wish there were more pockets inside mainly like a built in laptop slip pocket and more like zip pockets or a bigger one than it has. Mainly i bought this bag cuz it was comfortable and secure and built like a tank :) i would recommend it. If your in the Pasadena area in la go pick one up from Store 13 there awesome guys and were helpful in helping with my choice.
*i dont work for 13 just where i bought my bag and had a good experience and they are an authorized retailer*


Best of the Best...

Review by Jeff

I bought my Chrome Citizen almost two years and have been using it for my primary work bag ever since. The bag is not only incredibly durable, but can hold an incredible amount for a bag Chrome classifies as "medium." The bag is a tad heavy when loaded, but with the cross body design and padded straps, you hardly notice. The easily adjustable front strap makes it easy to accommodate anything from a button down shirt to the heaviest coats. (Very convenient for unpredictable New England weather.) The overall design of the bag seems incredibly well thought out. The pockets are the perfect size for phones, wallets, iPods, water bottles, etc. It seems as though the designers measured these items and tailored the bag around them. The generous use of buckles, velcro and zippers make the bag feel very secure and theft proof. The ONLY addition I would make would be some kind of metal loop or hook on the bottom of the strap. I carry my car/house keys on a carabiner, and finding a place to clip it where it won't be in the way or jangling too much is challenging. I was so happy with this bag that I recently bought the Mini-Metro for air travel. It is the perfect size for my travel documents, Kindle and iPhone. (And an extra couple pairs of undies for that rare case of luggage loss/delay) All in all, a fantastic product from which I'm sure I will get years of use! Thank you Chrome for a well made, durable, incredibly cool looking bag!


Love and Honor

Review by Mitchell T. Pilon

When I got my Citizen I told myself I would wait one year until I wrote a review. It's been a year and, so as promises should be kept, I'm keeping mine
So, dear reader, what could be said about the bag? It's been through a Midwestern winter, spring, summer, fall, and is now entering its second winter. I must admit that out of one year, the bag has been left behind a speculated two weeks time. And to be clear. The two weeks comes in fragments.
If you NEED the bag, you live out of the bag. If you have spent enough time with it, you understand what trust and love truly are. Mine has been poured (rain) on, sleeted on, been through a blizzard, submerged in water for hours, sat in the sun all day, drug, thrown, been in multiple crashes, and is finally starting to show small signs of wear. The bag will keep your personal belongings safe and secure no matter the situation. It doesn't let you down. Ever. And here are a few accounts of how it doesn't.
Personally, my bag has been through quite a bit of gnarly situations. I'll share with you my favorite two.
Gnar-time#1: Last march-when it was still freezing in the Midwest and goggles were required to ride - I was cruising pretty fast over a cobble stone pass through. I've had a couple beers and was feeling pretty loose and tough. I goosed it and at the top of every half-revolution the front wheel was coming off the rock just a bit. In a flash, my front wheel ejected off the dropouts and when I came back down on the wheel-less fork, it splayed out sending me OTB and down onto my right shoulder. Luckily I was buzzed enough that my brain didn't fight my body as it rolled over on its back where my helmet and AMERICAN MADE Chrome bag took the 20 foot skid, no problem, that would have no doubt sent me to the emergency room. There was hardly a mark on the bag. Don't ask me how or why, just chalk it up to love and honor. The bag will literally save your skin.
Gnar-time#2: If you have never heard of RAGBRAI check it out. It's roughly a 480 mile week long ride across Iowa in late July. A: Iowa is not flat. B: Iowa is not flat. C: Iowa is insanely humid and hot during late July. I was dumb enough to ride across Iowa on a fixed gear with a Citizen bag strapped to me, in an average of 90 degree heat, the entire ride. In the bag, I carried my tools, a 50oz. Camelback bladder, beer, clothes, food, toilet paper, a healthy supply of Cliff bars, plus a bunch of other random stuff needed for a ride like that. On average, I was drinking 200 oz. of water a day, and that bag sucked up a lot of my sweat without making a single complaint. Sure it stunk after the week, but I soaked it in a five gallon bucket of water and laundry detergent (don't know if that is recommended) and it came out looking/smelling like new. I don't know how to wear that thing down.
People who review these bags and say that they need this, or don't do that? Don't pay attention to them. They have not spent enough time with their bag to fully understand what it means to have a bag that loves riding on your back during the blackest of storms or in the sun that can melt tar. It wants to experience life with you and be there when you share the stories.
The bag will carry more than you think, will handle the harshest weather, and will always deliver your goods. You'll die before it does.


Best bag in the world

Review by Jase

My friends and I have this bag and its super durable has alot of space for all your little goods and stuff.This will probably be the last backpack i will ever buy in a lifetime and if my bag does get ruined or lost or something i'll just buy another one.And if you get the chance check out these shoes they're really awesome!



Review by kevin sanchez

they look cool :D


Survived a being hit by a car

Review by Sean

This bag is the greatest thing I've ever owned. I can hold everything I need for school, and a few other things without overloading it.
A couple months ago I was riding my bike, minding my own business, when I got hit from my left side (Stupid old lady ran a stop sign). Landing almost on the bag, which saved me from having more serious injuries (or death). I cracked my skull and was in a neck brace for about three weeks. But the bag had not even a scratch on it, and my own blood was all over the strap and the buckle. My bike being destroyed from the wreck I haven't ridden for a few months, and I have a rather annoying itch to get back on a bike.
I'm planning on keeping this bag until it's completely destroyed, thank you Chrome for making such an excellent bag, and piratically saving my life. <3 you guys


Utilitarian For All Walks of Life

Review by Kevin

My day consists of: weight training at the ass-crack of dawn, school, and occasional social outings. My bicycle transports me to all three. Thirty miles in all. Accompanying me is my Citizen bag. Clean clothes, books, and calories all fit perfectly. All together, with those damn books, I am hauling about twenty-five pounds. I cannot loge a single complaint to the comfort department. Every pocket has a purpose and none are ever empty, no matter the activity. I often feel disappointed whenever I have to take the bag off. I enjoy it that much.
The interior is the greatest of all. If you sometimes carry foul odorous items like me, cleaning the stench is a breeze. Just spray and wipe. The truck tarpaulin liner is a gift. Being so effortless to clean you never get that,"your bag stinks" comment.
Rain: Whatever you place in the bag will remain fulling dry as well you placed it in their. The exterior does well to repel water as well. So wherever you may arrive, at least your bag is not dripping everywhere. However, if you are hopelessly dependent on your bike as I am, one slight issue may arise. This is only the case if you are bothered by minute issues. My only complaint is how easily the padded strap becomes water logged and stays so. Riding after a extremely raining day can be some what irritating with a squishy-wet strap on my shoulder. A possible solution might be to line the shoulder strap with Cordura.
Regardless of the pad issues, which is only me being picky, I would not hesitate a moment to recommend this piece of beautiful workmanship. Do your self a favor, quit reading reviews and buy this bag!



Review by Dan Evans

This bag is awsome i ordered it from the U.K and it got here in no time. I usally use this bag for school and it does the job perfect holds everything i need and more, it rests comfortably when riding to and is super water proof.
5/5 from me and my next bag will definatly be another Chrome


Best Bag I've Ever Had

Review by Kat

I just started to use this pack about three weeks ago and I couldn't love it anymore. It's extremely comfortable to wear and can hold quite a lot. I'm a college student, and it can fit a laptop, several books, and a bunch of random other things I need to throw in there. The strap has really great padding, so even though all the weight is being rested on one shoulder, it really makes for a comfortable wear. It's also really waterproof -- I live in Vermont, and it's made it through heavy rain and snow. I'm a slim 5' 9" woman and it fits me well, and I know big guys who wear this size well too.

This really is the best bag you could every buy.


Amazing Service! Quality product

Review by Sarah

I recently bought my boyfriend a Chrome bag and feeling a little left out, I purchased one too! I got the Citizen (medium) in purple.

I live in Chicago and after ordering it this morning, it arrived ten minutes ago. Fast delivery! Especially since the estimated delivery was from 1-5pm. They must have serious bicyclists working for them. The person who delivered my product complimented my color choice. He was super friendly. Sadly I didn't get his name or I would have included it in this review.

This bag fits like a glove against my body, which will be perfect for biking and commuting on the busy CTA. It doesn't hang, which should make any bulk much easier to carry. Also, it should be noted how sturdy this bag is! I want to take it everywhere.
I might be in love... with a bag. Thanks so much Chrome!


it's alright

Review by JC

A couple things I want to point out:
-When I put pens in the pen pockets the zipper is very hard to access.
-Needs more pockets. There is the main compartment and the three pockets in front (which i dont think are super secure,) pluss the pen pockets and the zipper. You'd need to put most of your bigger items in the main compartment such as a pumps, water bottles, and a extra pair of shoes. It's kind of hard to be organized if you share the main compartment with all those things if your using this bag as a school bag.
-The feature that allows you to remove the interior of the bag by Velcro.. I wish it was velcroed all the way, end to end. I sometimes lose my wrench trying to put it in the side pockets and I would have to undo the interior to look for it. (I'm considering doing this myself.)

Other than that this bag is very durable. For the price I bought it, I have to love it. It's, roomy, it's comfortable, and it's probably the best messenger bag you can find out there.


You get what you pay for...

Review by Andrew

Everything you've heard about Chrome messenger bags is true. Bomb-proof, more comfortable that you can imagine & convenient. A lot of ideas other bag manufacturers have tried to do well have been perfected by Chrome.


Good bag

Review by Yash Patel

Its a good bag, Ive had it for a week now and its very comfortable but every time i buckle it up to close, the buckle straps get caught on to the Velcro and little pieces of fluff come off it (stringy stuff) but otherwise this bag is really good in terms of space and comfort


Right bag for the right job

Review by Rusty

This is a really good back for both on and off the bike. Several people have said that you sweat like crazy, and it's true but I was expecting that. This bag packs very well as long as you distribute things in it which depending on the load is a little tricky. Its the most comfortable when you have a medium amount of stuff in it; it's too loose when its empty and when it gets full it doesn't feel like it hugs your body. Ideal load(for me personally): notebook, basketball shorts and a T-shirt, some headphones and a few groceries. It does pack a lot and it sits really good when you're riding. As far as a full change of clothes(pants, shirt, shoes) I feel like the bag isn't quite big enough, it fits but its not ideal... keep that in mind if you'll be commuting. I was personally concerned about a water bottle holder on this thing, and it actually has a compartment when a 1 liter bottle fits perfectly(whether its intentional or not) when you open it up you'll see them. All in all its perfect in the right circumstances. If your putting less stuff in go with the mini metro and if you're hauling everything for an all day adventure in the city go with the metro. All in all its a really happy medium.


Holy crap this bag is awesome.

Review by Thom Jorde

I'm a frequent rider and use this bag to to go back and forth to work 5 times a week and the best thing is I can change the resting position of the bag to prevent the dreaded "sweaty back" that happens to most commuters. It's big enought to fit everything I need plus the latest collectable I've sold online. I often drop by the post offIce on the way to work. Bought this bag used from a professional messenger and I know it's gonna last longer than me. Well worth the money new.


Awesome bag that's not got for your shoulders and back

Review by Steve W

This bag is cool, durable, waterproof, the perfect size........but, after almost 2 years of use, riding with it on the same shoulder everyday ruined my shoulder and back and I ended up at the physio. Maybe I'm I softy, but I went and brought s backpack instead. I miss it like anything, sniff sniff, but such is life.


Amazing, enough said....

Review by JDE

Had this bag all of two days! I use to sell these bags at a local retail store, (Army Surplus store) Best built bag I have used in 15 years!! Perfect for all of my Boulder Colorado commuting!!!

Don't mess with anything else, when you can have the best!!


still rocking after 6 years

Review by Joe Con

I have an orange and black bag that I have been using for school and some cycling for the past 6 years. This bag has held up great. The materials are tough and it has never torn anywhere. The color of the bag has faded a little bit from the Florida sun but it still looks good. I have even tossed it through the washer a few times. The only piece that broke was the clip for the strap that goes under the arm. I never used it much anyway. Great bag. I am happy I didn't buy the expensive bagjack bags from Berlin!


Citizen Review

Review by Kelsey

This is my everyday bag! I use this for about 3 days at a time, stuffing clothes, a makeup pouch, 2 utility pouches, and a bunch of loose stuff. Even though I'm only 5 feet tall, I haven't felt overwhelmed by the size. It is super accomodating without being overwhelming. The strap fits on my shoulder really well and I've not had a problem with being weighed down, which is very easy to do to me. This bag keeps me organized and let's me stay out for days at a time!



Review by Matt

I am rarely compelled to write reviews, but this bag has done me right for years, and I should share my experience.

I bought the bag a few years ago and shipped it to Bahrain, where I was biking to work. I overstuffed it with groceries, carried it empty, and everything in between. You’ll be amazed what you can fit in there - and how comfortable it is. Even without the little cross strap - the bag stays put. You won’t believe this until you use it for a while, but it is more comfortable and practical than a traditional backpack.

Besides the desert sun, I had an uncanny ability to get sand and desert dust inside the buckle. I’ve dropped it in a pool, spilled lighter fluid in it, just abused the thing. After a year there, my biggest complaint is that I wanted a bag with more of a broken-in look, and this still looked new.

I now use it in DC, both on a bike and around town on the metro. My sole complaint is the amount of compliments it gets you. Seriously. If you are as anti-social as I am, you may get fed up with people commenting on the buckle and asking you where you got the bag.

There is a small tear in my should strap, that is now a quarter of an inch and might be growing. The webbed strop is tough and seems to resist tears. If it gets worse, I might have to see what the warranty process is like, but for now, no complaints.


Shoulder Problems Later

Review by Brittni

I have used this bag almost everyday for 6 years and it is now breaking down. It has been good to me, but the inner weatherproof lining has cracked and it is no longer keeping the water out. Also, I wouldn't recommend this bag for walking around with, it is fine for biking when the weight is on your back, but when standing the weight all goes to your shoulder and can cause muscle problems.


I'm Really Skinny, The bag has a bit of a bug

Review by Kristofer

When I first got my Chrome bag a couple of days ago I was so excited. I immediately started to wear it for beer runs, bar hops, and critical mass, but I found that the metal Buckle was rubbing a hole in my chest.

I am really skinny 125 pounds, and I quickly had to figure out how to adjust this bag. I realized that I had to pull the strap all the way down, and across my chest before tightening it. This puts all the load on your back, and rubs a little on your neck. I fixed that by wearing a banana around my neck like a bandit.
A heavier person might not feel the same discomfort as us skinny guys since they naturally have fat padding on their chest.
Figure out how to adjust it, and take your time before you ride out with it. Once you get that down then this bag is quite great.
4 out of 5 because the metal buckle is uncomfortable


Great messenger backpack, tough as hell

Review by Dean

I've had this messenger bag for a year. I was split between this or the Ivan. I settled for a Citizen because I thought it looked cool. I got medium because my older non-Chrome bag I had was way too big for going to school. I could fit my ThinkPad, notebooks and folders, and spare clothes in the main compartment. Its great when packing relatively light, but becomes a pain when you put too much heavy stuff in it. I get sore shoulders when I over-pack the bag. When you start walking, you feel the uneven weight distribution. But its not too bad, because the padded shoulder strap is pretty comfy. Once you get on a bike though, the weight gets distributed all over your back once you're hunched over.

Sometimes I use this bag when I go hiking. Its not too bad if the load is not over 10lbs. This is the reason I'm getting the Ivan next, so I can use it as a hiking backpack.

Another feature I like about this bag is that it's waterproof. I've ridden in pouring rain with no fenders a few times, I got splashed with more water and other crap from the rear wheel. The main compartment stayed dry.

This bag is a little bit pricy but it is worth it. Its very stylish to the point that I started seeing other kids wearing them since I got mine. I even saw some kid with the same color bag a few months ago. If you're split on a backpack or a messenger bag, consider the weight you're going to be carrying. If its not too heavy, get this. If not, get a backpack. Either way, as long as its Chrome, you wont regret it.


Last bag to buy

Review by Harold

This bag is great!!! The material seems really strong, durable, and the velcro grip is really tight. I like how it's waterproof and you can be able to put many things in it. I definitely like the hidden compartment a lot which is one of the reasons why I got it. I also like this messenger because of its exclusivity and that no one has it when I'm at school.



Review by Martin

I fell off my bike and slid about four feet on asphalt; it barely scuffed. I use it mainly for school and groceries (small things like fruit). It's a good size for light travel (three dayish but I've done a 5 day trip). Only con is your friends pushing the button but a swift kick to the shins should solve that problem right up.


do not hesitate. buy. this. bag.

Review by lindsay

Have had my chrome for over five years now and I absolutely adore it.
Aesthetics: i have the red & white combo which has worn very well considering it's age. Only for full disclosure and not to be read as a complaint, the white is a bit dingy and the reflective straps are fuzzy from getting stuck to the velcro).
Use: during biking, skating, walking, and travel.
Cargo: It fits plenty. I'm pretty sure I have the medium; I'm certain it is not the large. Inside, I most often carry at the same time, my camera (a Canon Rebel, a good sized camera) & its accessories, travel documents, makeup, snacks, wallet, water bottle, and top it all off with a rolled up hoodie..I never doubt it will fit one, more, thing.
Fit: Sits comfortably-even over long periods of time (I'm only 5'3"). Adjustments are easy to make, even on the fly, in motion. Super secure when all straps are in use and adjusted correctly...holds position on your back & everything inside in place, even when running through the airport.
Troubleshooting: Have had to wrestle the strap d-ring back through the buckle more than once, but now it's the integrated bottle opener so I'm sure that problem would no longer exist for me.
Bonus: Weatherproofing is legit. I have never had a problem with moisture (mainly experiencing light - medium rain fall).


10 Year Owner

Review by Don

Bought a Chrome Citizen Bag in 2001 maybe...? I use it constantly, in dirty dirty Philadelphia, and just chuck it in the washer twice a year. Not a broken strap, seam, zipper, or anything. It's still good as new out of the wash over 10 years later. Thanks dudes :) Now I'm on here buying two more to give away as gifts... I was gonna buy another for myself but there is nothing wrong with this one! Haha!


Ok but not great

Review by jefferson alan

I was initially pretty excited to get this bag, but since I have been using it for four months many things have started to get increasingly irritating. First, the buckle though it looks has been used by me once ymmv but for me its just added weight. Second, the adjustment strap for the shoulder has no place to stay, it just hangs and flops around in the wind, I use a caribiner to secure it. Third, the bag has no padding on the back, be aware of this if you carry anything other then flat smooth objects or you will feel them dig into your back. Fourth, the pockets suck ass, here is why; as soon as you put pens, or a wrench in the slots the zipper to open the one pocket is now behind aforementioned pens or wrenches and is difficult to open with removing them. Also the other inside pocket is directly behind the zip one and if the zip one is full you wont get anything into the second pocket.

Here's what I do like, the sway strap does the job perfect, but even this is screwed up in its execution for some reason the clip receiver on the shoulder strap folds over the the strap and covers the chrome logo, weird. The interior of the bag is waterproof completely I know this cause I had a bottle of water open inside of it and it was a pool in there when I opened it. The padding on the shoulder strap is great as well.

The construction of the bag is rock solid, Ive been using it for four months as my working messenger bag and there are no tears, frays, or workmanship problems of any kind.

For 200$ it would be nice to have more pockets especially a waterproof one for a cell phone with a headphone passage.


Best cool messenger bag you can get. GO CHROME

Review by Al

This bag is awesome because it's durable and it's long lasting and also waterproof. It is also a good backpack for school because you can carry a lot of stuff like books, notebooks, water bottles, clothes, pencils, homework, lunch and running shoes.


Great bag. Terrible customer service.

Review by James

If I were giving a rating to the bag alone i would give it 5 stars.
However, my experience with Chrome customer service has left me feeling that this bag is not worth the price.
3 years ago, yes 3 years ago, one of the clips on the bag broke through no fault of my own. I emailed chrome and got no response. It wasn't a big deal at the time as I could still clip up one and the velcro is pretty firm.
I emailed again about 9 months later and also got no reply.

Then 6 months ago the other clip gave up the ghost. I emailed a few times with limited luck.
Finally they sent the clips out. 3 years after my first complaint. IT took a lot of emails and persuading for them to do it. They finally offered me a coupon for a new bag, but the code was invalid and i was told that i didn't need any coupon for a new bag.

I shall never buy chrome bags again. There are many other great bags on the market that I have heard good things about. They might also fix your clips in under 3 years.

IF I spend this amount of money on a bag I would expect the customer service to reflect the price.

Disappointed is an understatement.


Amazing Bag-Loads of Space!

Review by Jeffrey L.

Initially I did not think there would be enough room and wanted to send back however...Once I loaded it with all of my stuff I quickly realized that the bag was well thought out! Would have like a handle on top or on the back just because this is such a nice bag it can be used as a briefcase...Love it!


Great Company!

Review by James

Awesome bag, excellent customer service! Broke a clip in a car trunk, made 1 phone call to customer service, and the replacement was in my hands a few days later.

We'll definitely recommend to friends!


Best bag EVER!!!!!

Review by Gary

I've had my bag for about 3 years now, I never leave home with out it, I've even been in a couple bad biking accidents ( fractured elbow, wrist, and separated thumb) and the god damn bag made it out better than I did. Great bag saved me from road rash on my back after sliding about 20ft on concrete. Worth every penny!


great bag

Review by paul

This is a bombproof bag that i wear to school, on the bike, and on day trips. The contents never get wet in any weather and the fabric is extremely tough (i have had my share of spills with it on and it hasn't ripped). This bag will fit enough for a day and if you're a spartan, a weekend. I can easily fit a jacket, bike lock, slide gloves, skate tool, extra set of skateboard wheels, a lunch, and a water bottle, and I will have plenty of room to spare. The extra support strap really works on a bike if you have a heavy load. I also found out it works great to strap a skateboard underneath the flap that closes the bag for transport on a bike. Definitely recommend.


yes thankyou, may i have another?

Review by Jefferson

perfect. to be brutally honest, i dont leave home without it.


Best bag you could ask for

Review by Jason

I've had one of these for nearly 7 years now, and it really is by far the best messenger bag I could've bought. Aside from expected wear and tear (which is very minimal), the bag is as good as the day I bought it.

Whether hauling 2 17in MBPs or a 12 pack of beer, this bag always delivers. A must buy if you want a comfortable, reliable bag.



Review by Mike

This bag is simply unreal. Well built. Voluminous. Comfortable. It's what I've been looking for for ages.


citizen review

Review by bradley

i use this bag every day. it could use more internal and external compartments. over all its a pretty decent bag.


best bag I have used

Review by jimmyE

I have used many different brands before and my Chrome bag is the best one. Love how it feels when I'm riding my bike and when I'm on foot. recommending to all of my friends.


Overall, a great, bomb-proof bag

Review by Shawn

This bag has served me very well as I ride around Olympia, WA. Personally, I find the one-shoulder design of messenger bags much more comfortable for urban riding, and this is the most comfortable messenger bag I've ever worn. The durable construction is obviously a winner, and the large main compartment allows for more versatility than a bag featuring several dividers.

Unfortunately, is isn't completely perfect. There is no padding at all on the back, which made carrying even small amounts of oddly shaped groceries feel more uncomfortable than I would otherwise like. I solved this cutting up a foam sleeping pad to shape and attached it to the bag with adhesive backed velcro. Now it's much more comfortable and only slightly bulkier. On the front of the bag are very small pockets that I felt were only really of use for pens. I made small cuts for an opening at the bottom of these pockets and now I can thread my U-Lock through them perfectly! Then I took a lighter and singed the cuts I made so they wouldn't fray any further. I wish there was a way to secure the stabilizing strap when not in use so it wouldn't swing around, as I only use it when carrying a load. Lastly, at this price I'd like to see the laptop sleeve included with the bag. The sleeve is a necessity for me, and works very well.


Overall outstanding.

Review by Laura

I work two jobs, sometimes both in the same day. This bag carries my laptop, cardigan, sunglasses, change of clothes, dress shoes, water bottle, wallet, phone charger, lunch and a thermos of coffee without getting bulky/misshapen or uncomfortable/awkward to carry. Even when I get caught in the rain, none of anything gets wet. This is hands down the most quality investment I've made for my constantly moving and very busy lifestyle.


the bomb

Review by tommy scheib

keep this short and sweet this bag is the bomb fits evrything you need



Review by Aaron

This bag is everything i've ever wanted. Its so nice to be able to think "is there anything else i want to bring with me today? I have so much more room in my bag, i could bring whatever i want!" Now im known as the guy who always has the shit everyone needs. I carry a sewing kit in this bag. like, a little one. I just have so much more room to bring whatever I want and I know none of it will be damaged because this bag is so sturdy!


bullet proof construction

Review by Nick

I used that bag for travelling all around the globe, it's been toss, bump, thrown and treated badly most of the time. it always came in one piece and never broke. I use it now as a motorcycle backpack. It been thru tropical storm at 60mph and still keep everything inside dry and nice. It's always served me well been a great buy. Only drawback, the one shoulder strap start to hurt after a few hours with heavy load.


Excellent commuter bag!

Review by James

It's been a little over a week since I've had this bag, so I can't comment too much on its durability. What I can say is that this bad is excellent for commuting! Previous to this bag, I was using a canvas shoulder/messenger bag. I'm pretty new to commuting to school (just moved to the city), but the old bag was a nightmare to ride with as it would constantly slip to my side. I did a bit of research and decided to go with Chrome since their bags seem to be "the right size" and have that nifty buckle system.

My only complaint is that the bag doesn't breathe well against my back (leaves a pretty big sweat patch), but I guess that's the price you pay for having a completely waterproof bag. I got caught in a massive downpour the other night and my computer and notes were all bone dry when I got home. This bag has already paid itself off since I would have damaged my PC and lost some pretty critical paperwork/notes.

I should add that this bag is extremely comfortable to wear, even when loaded up! I've started using it even when off my bike as it is more comfortable than any shoulder or backpack style bag that I've owned in the past!


Exactly what I imagined it to be

Review by Kerry

I got my bag about three weeks ago, and I of course am in love with it. I wasn't really expecting anything else, but you never know. It did take me a couple of rides to get used to the placement of the bag over my left shoulder, because I had been wearing my last messenger bag over the right shoulder. Other than that, it's super comfortable, distributes weight well with out shifting around (which is really important to me since I ride about 14 miles to school with heavy books and a laptop), and is clearly able to withstand the elements and the test of time. I will be using this bag for (hopefully) the rest of my life....for everything. Biking, camping, traveling.


8 years and going strong

Review by Klaus

I've used this bag all through fixed gear commuting to class through downtown Richmond, VA during undergrad and grad school. It's survived snow, rain, sand, airports, bike crashes and even car crashes . I still use it to motorcycle commute through Los Angeles every day. It's carried and kept dry everything from power tools, to laptops to PBRS. I think it finally deserves a good washing now.

Only downside is I wish I'd gone for the bigger one for that 10% of the time that it's too small. But even then, you can use the buckle straps to secure whatever large package you're trying to haul.


Favorite Bag I've Ever Owned

Review by Brittani

Alright, I actually purchased this bag almost a month ago, but I wanted to use it for a while and get a good overall opinion.
-It is very spacious and still comfortable when loaded...mostly. The day I got this, I put the backpack I had with me, my spare shoes and change of clothes in it and it all fit (after a little bit of shoving). It still fit over my shoulder and didn't move around when I rode. It wasn't perfect though, and I'll explain later.
-The buckle is very durable and perfect for putting a keychain and even my lock for the gym for easy access.
-I'm pretty rough with my bags and this one seems like it will hold up just fine, but this might take a little longer to determine.
-It looks cool as hell and doesn't move around on my back as much as I thought it might.
Cons: These are mostly particular to my frame size (5'3" petite female) so hopefully there are other girls out there who might be able to take this to heart
-The shoulder strap is very wide and slips while I'm riding, especially when I have the under arm strap buckled. This is mostly a problem when the bag is very full.
-The large size of the bag makes it hard to see behind me when I turn back. Difficult, but not impossible, and something I'm sure I'll get used to.
-I wish the zippered pocket in the front was a little bigger. When the bag is full It's hard for me to even fit my ipod and headphones in there.

Overall I would rate this bag a 4.5 if I could, but it is really a good, well thought out bag and doesn't deserve 4 stars. I would highly recommend it, but smaller people should be prepared for the very large shoulder strap.


Best bag on the market

Review by Jim Smith

I got my bag last week and think that it's one of the best bags I've ever owned. Super sturdy construction and it's made in Chico, Calif.!!!!!! It really is a quality constructed bag. It sits just fine and rides on my shoulder, it doesn't move at all. I think I would give this bag fifty stars!! If you want a solid, durable, badass looking bag, then look no further friend, you have found it!


The last bag i will ever own.

Review by jonathan

One of my best friends has an older model citizen that he has had for almost 6 years now. He is the amazing gentleman that introduced me to Chrome. Since then I have wanted a citizen (as well as other products, but non as badly as the citizen). Earlier this year, my most wonderful and amazing girlfriend got me one for my birthday. I truly will never want another bag again, I absolutely love this thing. I use it everyday and cannot believe how intuitive this bag is. If I want to be able to do something with it, it can do it. If i want to carry my laptop and go to class, got that covered. If i wanna go home for a weekend, I can use it to carry all my clothes. Wanna do all of the above, yeah, it can handle that to, and still be comfy to wear.



Review by Dave

This bag rules. Absolutely. Unrivaled in comfort, durability, and so good for riding. By the way, it's weather proof. yes your lap top will be safe even if you're commuting and there's sudden rainfall. Chrome has your back... literally. and the balance distribution is awesome! especially with the stablizer clip, you can look over your shoulder and signal without worrying about your bag slipping and throwing you off balance. Chrome bags stay put.


Durable, adaptable.


I've had this thing for 3 years or so. It's been there since I was a commuter who rode with big loads on MTB to now a road-race rider (cleats, mandex, etc) who needs to get an intense ride on the way to work. It can hold a big assortment of sensibly sized items, but big solid items tend to cut down on its ability to expand and accommodate other items. These days a lot of the gear is more sensibly split between jersey pockets and a seat bag to keep the load light and keep me from being fatigued, but it's still able to handle that volume if it comes to it. Even at its lightest, it'll still create enough drag to keep you from pushing your speed (I max out at 28mph with it on flats, compared to a 29 with a drawstring bag and 33 without a bag), but at that point you have to realize you're primarily using the bag for its commuting utility. It's very comfortable regardless of what your load is or what you're trying to get out of it--both of your straps are valuable in not only stabilizing your pack but giving you rigidity if you need it or a looser (but still stable!) fit to help your torso expand during more cardio intense rides. You can use various things to completely lock your main strap in its place as it will gradually loosen, but you're looking at a pack of ties or ring hooks or something that'll cost you a few bucks at most (I use a reusable zip tie to keep the adjuster fastened to the bottle opener). Only thing I would suggest is to choose a chrome buckle instead of a black anodized buckle--after years of sweat the black anodized finish has worn off and has now rusted in its place. But the liner, outer, straps, buckle, and snaps all still function flawlessly.


sore in Oakland ca,

Review by Dave Hopkins

I rode with a citizen for two years. The Buckle ends up riding squarely on top of my collar bone. I crashed in Honolulu in Oct. of 2010 that steel buckle smashed my collar bone into 4 pieces ive had two surgeries and have 9 screws and a titanium plate permenately holding my collar bone together. I know without a doubt the buckle is too blame for the excessive damage to my collar bone. I admit the bag is of quality construction but the buckle is heavy and a uneeded trendy and dangerous .


Best Messenger Bag Ever

Review by chris hrubesh

I had been admiring your bags from afar for a couple of years but when I got serious about commuting sans a car, I wanted the very best. My first requirement was made in America (Check!). My second requirement is that it had to be roomy and durable (Check Check). My third requirement was it had to be cool looking (Check Mate!)
I was so impressed with your bag that I bought a pair of your shoes (which I love) and a camera bag (which I love too). My only complaint is that ALL of your products aren't made in the US. I cringe whenever I read "Made in China". Your warranty helps me sleep a little better at night but I really wish you would move those jobs to Chico where they belong.


Best thing I own!

Review by Around the world and still a Citizen!

I have had this bag for 5 years and it is still rocking!

I travel for work. Every week I am in the airport getting on another plane to go to another city. I pack everything and anything into this bag (17" laptop, shoes, clothes, notebook, tools...). In the production world nothing speaks louder than durability and this bag has the microphone! I couldn't imagine traveling without it. I have been in every kind of weather imaginable from rain to snow, wind to sun, and even your occasional Hurricane. It has seen All of America, a good portion of Canada, Mexico, and a bit Europe. I don't trust anything else as much as i trust this bag.


Fantastic bag. Better service.

Review by Dan

First let me say that I live in Chicago and walk everywhere in the city. I was drawn to Chrome because how durable and weatherproof these bags are. Since I carry at least a 15in laptop, an 11in laptop, or an iPad around with me being secure in the rain was really important. I originally ordered the Mini Metro. The Chrome store here in Chicago sent a messenger with my bag to my downtown office and I had it within two hours of purchase. FOR FREE. Amazing. But, alas, the bag was a little tight with my 15 inch laptop and the other items I wanted to carry. After work I went to the Chrome store after work and exchanged the Mini Metro for a citizen which holds all of my items perfectly. The people at the store we friendly and attentive, it was all around a great experience.

I spent a few years working for Apple so customer service is something I am very critical of and my goodness did Chrome come through.


Best and favorite bag I have ever owned

Review by Jack

I bought this bag about two years ago with the intent to use it often and for various activities. I do use it while riding my bike (which it is excellent for), but I also use it as a regular bag. It is stylish, practical and extremely durable.
As I live in the city now and am going to school, this bag gets used DAILY. If anyone is unsure about making this purchase, I would say to just do it; this bag is everything you think it may be and more. I actually now need more volume than this bag offers, and am going to buy the metropolis. Chrome makes a great bag. ****Right shoulder strap for southpaws is an awesome feature.....


Favorite bag however you need to be aware of a few things.

Review by Ben

Hey. This is my #1 bag choice. Use it every day. It is important to remember that you will need to learn to strategically place items in this bag to ensure they don't hurt you back. There is no padding between where your stuff sits and your back. Just be sure if you're putting something bulky in there with a hard edge you'll feel it unless you put something soft between it and you.


strong feelings

Review by Dan

I've ridden every day with my Citizen since I got it a year ago (up to 80km on long weekend rides). Was originally worried about a sore left shoulder with one strap design, but hasn't been an issue at all. Also a great carry-on bag while flying and it's been to Israel, Jordan, Portugal, UK, etc etc on my back. I've spoken with customer service about other Chrome products I've ordered and they are fantastic. Did I mention everyone wants to know what type of bag it is as soon as they see it? Never thought I'd have such strong feelings for a bag....



Review by Shannon

For reference I am 5'3" and about a 14/16. Very broad shouldered and busty. I did a lot of research before buying this bag. I don't drive at all and walk between 3-7 miles a day getting around. I live in Seattle and needed something comfortable on my frame, waterproof and rugged and roomy. I have to say that I had high expectations and this bag exceeded them all. It is comfortable and not too big, I can jam all of my crap in it without worry that my books or craft projects are getting soaked. I like that it is hands free, once the strap is tightened it doesn't move which is a big reason why I stopped carrying messenger type bags in the first place. Frequently I am walking alone at night and I feel safer carrying this bag because my hands are free and it's not moving around or slipping off my shoulder.

I highly recommend this bag for walkers/bus commuters. Once you get the hang of it, it's very easy to move around your body without unhooking it. The quality is outstanding. The waterproofing stands out, I have been in a few absolute downpours and none of my things got wet. Overall this is the best bag I've ever owned and I've owned a lot of them.


Best bag i have ever worn on 1 shoulder

Review by Galvin Tan

So i got my bag today. And i have to say, having one is the greatest descisions i have made for buying backpacks. I use to use a jansport but every time i stand up and start smashing the left shoulder strap falls off. Now that ive got my chrome bag i know i wont have to worry any more about the strap falling off. I can fit my kryptonite keeper in the zipper pouch and my kryptoflex in the pouch under the waterproof one. No uncomfortableness always comfortable. I recomend for anyone


its good, for the looks.

Review by Leeon

now dont get me wrong, i love this bag, i been riding with it for a year now and i have to say my life really would be different if i didnt have it. it always sparks conversations with many people, helps me carry stuff from clothing boutiques, bike shops, food stops, liquor stores, etc. i would not recommend this bag if youre going to be using it everyday. the reflectors on the straps are fraying and are falling out the seems, the snaps that close the bag undo sometimes when you ride and dont notice (when it has wear to it). and worse of all, your shoulder KILLS. its really bad, also i found it extremely difficult to carry a shoe box when i had 2 other shirts in the bag, i had to loosen the straps all the way and closed it over the box without the velcro even touching, it killed my back, anything in the bag at the wrong angle kills your back because there is no padding, also i carry "unspoken items" in the secret compartment it has which helped hide things from my mom and the police but when things in there go in the wrong angle, youre going to have to stop and fix it cause youre going to be extremely uncomfortable. i got the district back from chrome in october and i have to say it is MUCH better, i carry a crazy amount of things in there, 1 and a half inch binder, 2 1 subject notebooks, and 1 4 subject notebook, on top of that 2 heavy grade U locks, and a pair of shoes. and it feels like nothing, everything is evenly distributed and makes your life 100000x easier. so if you were considering on buying a chrome bag, dont buy the messenger, buy one of their backpack bags, much more efficient


Thus far exceptional

Review by Marty Hutton

Always wanted a Chrome so when I moved to the states from the UK my first port of call was Chrome
So far my bag has been stuffed full of all sorts of every thing and coped really well.
Comfortable and more than stylish it accompanies everywhere I explore.
Live the Chrome way you'll not regret it



Review by Anthony Varicelli

Best bag I have ever owned!!!!! Perfect for school. Thanks Chrome!!!!



Review by Dave

I have been using this as my school bag for the past 5 months now! It's a better everyday bag that I can ever imagine! In my previous bags I used to struggle with fitting all my supplies in. Although, with this bag I can fit everything I want with more space! I fit my 13"macbook pro, 3" binder, pencil case, and 2 textbooks (roughly about 300 pages). My only complaint is that the cross chest stabilizers pin has broke off, but this is minor. I just wish they had better pins. All in all, it's a great bag!



Review by Aaron

i finally received my citizen bag i have been wanting and when i walked throught the door i opened it up and was instantly infatuated with it. I loved the quality of the work and the color. I bought the elements limited in glacier, which is basically a baby blue.

Pros: size, quality, accessibility, comfort,and style

Cons: seat-belt strap feels too thin

Rate: 10/10


Greatest Bag Ever

Review by Fybur

I got this bag for Christmas and have been using it to carry everything (Clothes, food, school stuff and a dog). I used to have plain messenger bags that consisted of a canvas strap attached to a leather rectangle with a flap that buttoned in the front, but I needed something durable and water proof (as a lack of both have previously ruined past bags).
The strap took some getting used to as I am used to wearing bags over my right shoulder, but its ridiculously comfortable. I have taken it with me everywhere, and I always get questions about it. I love this bag more than a fat kid loves cake.

It has more space than you can ever imagine, I once carried:
-1 Xbox 360 (the old one) with all necessary cords
-2 controllers
-4 games in their boxes
-a netbook
-a psp in a case
-psp charger
-phone cords

Basically the bag was STUFFED yet it still closed and I could wear it, you may be thinking that all of this weight hurts on one shoulder but the stabilizer strap helps immensely. It took that weight and evened it out over my upper body, while stopping it from swaying.

But I have noticed one flaw, a lack of padding on the back.
If you have uneven objects, sharp corners, or any weirdly shaped object in there YOU WILL FEEL IT !!!

Don't let this scare you off, it's an awesome bag just arrange your items so you have a flat surface against your back.



Review by David

I was on my way to work when I car speeds out of a drive way and hits me...
Luckily, my reflexes are cat like, and i was able to slightly save myself from breaking my face. however, my shoulder/ collar bone dented their side bumper....
it was an SUV.
In addition to being super durable and amazing all around,
this bag truly saved my collar bone from breaking and I'm so glad I bought this.
If you think it's a rip off for the price,
Let me warn you,
although it is on the pricey side, ITS COMPLETELY WORTH MORE THAN WHAT YOU'RE PAYING.
So don't wait around, buy one NOW!


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